Saturday, May 9, 2015

Moms Love the Lela Rose Bag from introduced a gift with purchase that all moms will absolutely love, not just because the bag is from renowned designer Lela Rose, but also because it is filled with more than $185 worth of offerings from top beauty and skin care brands.

The Lela Rose embroidered clutch is the ideal bag because you can use it to store cosmetics and then it transitions to an elegant evening clutch. You will love the fun print and vintage feel of the gold snap-top closure.

Now, let's talk about what's inside the bag. It includes an amazing selection of 17 beauty samples including Origins Mega Bright Night Mask, L'Occitane Almond Supple Skin Oil, Paula's Choice Vitamin C Spot Treatment and Alessandro Nail Polish to name a few. You can check out the full list on the website.

Customers will receive the product-filled  clutch when they spend more than $150 at and supplies are limited so order today.

Monday, March 23, 2015

Sprout's "Ruff-Ruff, Tweet and Dave" An Interactive Adventure for Preschoolers

 "Ruff-Ruff, Tweet and Dave" launched last month on Sprout and these adorable characters were quickly a big hit with many adoring fans (including a few in our household). If you and your preschoolers have not yet watched this new series, be sure to tune in this week for your chance to win a trip to Beaches among other fabulous prizes. But first, a bit more about the new show ...

“Ruff-Ruff, Tweet and Dave" follows the adventures of three best friends. Ruff-Ruff is  lovable, instinctive pup while Tweet is a cautious, thoughtful bird. My daughter adores Dave, an imaginative, quirky panda.  Grown ups will appreciate the technology the makes this show different than other preschool shows. To make it more interactive, viewers can download a free companion app, available on both iOS and Android. The companion app offers synced game play that allows preschoolers and their parents to enjoy an interactive experience with the show’s characters featuring multiple choice questions. The technology recognizes show sounds and seamlessly syncs to the content whenever the show is playing.  The app also features special games and activities which are unlocked the more kids play with the app. We found it is also just highly entertaining without the app too.

You can catch "Ruff-Ruff, Tweet and Dave" at 11:00 am during The Sunny Side Up Show and at 7:00 pm during The Good Night Show. You can find out more about the show by visiting to see other viewing time as well as download  games and activities that the kids will love.

Now, back to the information on the "Pick and Play Sweepstakes" which ends on March 27.  Each Friday, viewers are encouraged to watch new “Ruff-Ruff, Tweet and Dave” episodes at 11am and then visit to answer a question from the show.   Good luck!                                        

Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Win a Spa Vacation and Fitness Products - Winter Weight Challenge

The holiday season is a busy time for everyone with lots of celebrating and not enough time for exercise. Statistics show that Americans will gain between 5 to 10 pounds each holiday season and that many men and women put weight loss and exercise at the top of their list of resolutions.

Why not start 2015 by entering the Growing Naturals Winter Weight Challenge -- You can win a weekend getaway to luxurious destination spa Oaks at Ojai in California as well as other great fitness products such as Lululemon, Garmin and SpaFinder to name a few.

The Winter Weight Challenge website is chock full of recipes, advice and resources that will help you plan your challenge and achieve your goals. And, don't forget about the great prizes offered during the sweepstakes! Weekly prize winners are announced each Monday.

The Winter Weight Challenge is organized by Growing Naturals, a company that creates an wide array of food produced that are made from pure plant proteins and rice milk powders. I received a complimentary sample of brown rice protein powder. Like so many others, I try to keep healthy proteins a main part of our nutrition. The girls and I made delicious smoothies with the chocolate brown rice protein and we all loved the flavor when mixed with almond milk and a banana.The Growing Naturals website has so many wonderful recipes, like the Chocolate Protein Powder Pancake.

Take a moment for yourself today and enter the Winter Weight Challenge Sweepstakes ... it ends on January 31, 2015. 

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Coco-Roons and KettlePop Are Lunch Box Favorites

Now that we are past "back-to-school" mania, what is working in the lunch boxes? Moms have had a chance to see what is working and what is not (and by not, I mean what comes home uneaten at the end of the day.

My girls have found two lunch box favorites: Coco-Roons and KettlePOP!

The Frugal Mommy of 2 Girls taste testing team (ages 10 and 4) was thrilled to get review samples from the folks at Wonderfully Raw, the company who makes Coco-Roons as well as a host of other delicious treats.  Coco-Roons are available in a bunch of taste-tempting choices, including Almond Strawberry PBJ,  Brownie, Apple Pie, Lemon Pie, Almond Strawberry, Vanilla Maple and Cacao Nib. We started with the Almond Strawberry PBJ and enjoyed every morsel of this yummy treat made with organic, raw almond butter instead of peanuts and organic strawberries. The girls loved that is was just the right amount of sweet and chewy too. Next we tried the Coco-Roon Brownie and we all agreed that it was just the right amount of chocolate. All of the Coco-Roons by Wonderfully Raw are certified organic, gluten-free, non-dairy and non-GMO. They get their natural sweetness from organic maple syrup and dried unsweetened coconut. You can find them at Whole Foods, Costco Stores or health food retailers near you. Or, you can order  directly from the Coco-Roon website by clicking here.

Next up, the taste testers went to work on sampling KettlePOP in two flavors: Kettle Corn and Sea Salt KettlePOP. First of all, some great news about KettlePOP -- the company uses organic and non-GMO corn. They work closely with farmers to ensure that only the highest quality corn goes into each bag. And, it infuses, never sprays, the popcorn with preservative-free flavorings (and you will definitely taste the difference!) and it hand-pops each kernel to perfection. And another awesome feature: zip top bags lock in the freshness if you don't eat it all at once.

The Sea Salt KettlePOP had just the right amount of salt, was thoroughly satisfying and happily devoured by the taste testing team. The girls also sampled the Kettle Corn which we all agreed was better than the kettle corn at our farmer's market. It had the perfect pairing of sweet and salt and stayed fresh and crunchy when we re-opened the bag a few days later. Besides Sea Salt and Kettle Corn, KettlePOP is also available in these flavors: cheese; caramel; kettle corn chocolate drizzles;  and caramel chocolate drizzles. You can order KettlePOP online or check the website to find a retailer near you.

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Fight For Your Write with BIC

Moms across the country are breathing a sigh of relief as we prepare for the first day of school. I enjoy shopping for back-to-school items and there are so many great choices to arm your kids with all the best back-to-school products. I read about a campaign sponsored by BIC called "Fight For Your Write" which is a wants to show kids how great writing can really be and why we should help them with their handwriting skills

Writing is a critical learning tool for children and helps our kids become better readers, boosts their confident and sparks their creativity.  The "Fight For Your Write" website is filled with amazing data that will help you realize just how important handwriting is. Did you know that handwriting engages 14 different abilities or that experts recommend at least 15 minutes of handwriting each day for students.

BIC was kind enough to send Frugal Mommy of 2 Girls a complimentary box filled with a variety of BIC products for the purpose of a review. When it arrived, I told the girls to watch me open the box because there would be some great new back-to-school items for them. They were absolutely thrilled and grabbed their favorite items and even my husband scored some new BIC Atlantis pens in black, blue and red. The little one practiced writing her name with her new BIC Kids Pencil Porte-mine, which has a raised yellow guiding line to help with proper finger placement.My older daughter grabbed the dry erase markers for her white board and X-tra-Shine Pencils for her backpack. And me -- I am loving my assortment of awesome BIC products, especially the 4 color ball pen metallic body pen.

Friday, August 1, 2014

Enter to Win - Stylishly Chic Ikat Infinity Scarf from J. Jill

Don't be fooled by all of the "Back to School" ads and articles ... there is still PLENTY of summer left! Like most moms, you should every moment left this summer and treat yourself to a "back to school" shopping trip to J. Jill.

Moms, we deserve a treat and J. Jill is helping us celebrate the final days of summer by giving our readers an opportunity to win a Pure Jill Ikat Dot Infinity Scarf ... the perfect accessory to throw on as you walk out the door to a Labor Day Party or Back-School-Coffee.Click here to get a closer look,

You've probably seen Ikat all over the place for the past few months. Ikat has become the "it" pattern, showing up everywhere from home furnishings to the runway. Ikat is one of the world's oldest traditions in textile decoration, traced back to 15th century South America. J. Jill's collection is themed around the concept of trail and adventure, featuring graphic ikat prints and block print details on everything from dresses to pants, fulfilling women's desire to be on trend but also comfortable and true to themselves.

While your out shopping for new backpacks, #2 pencils, and composition books, don't forget to treat yourself to something special at J. Jill. Click on the "What's New" section of the website to take a look at the latest as well as some of the summer favorites, such as the super comfortable Printed Linen Big Shirt, the Pure Jill Short Horn Necklace, or the Pure Jill Easy Pocket Dress.

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Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Kids Travel in Style with Stride Rite Shoes

Summer vacation plans often involve a visit to a theme park with the kids. They love to run around from ride to ride and we want them to wear safe and comfortable shoes so why not add a bit of style.  Stride Rite has been a long-time favorite of parents since these shoes are so well made, are really cute and last a really long time. The last thing we want is for cheap shoes to fall apart half-way through the day at the theme park (yes, this happened to me which prompted a visit to the park's gift shop to buy some overpriced flip flops).

The fine folks at Stride Rite asked me if I would like a few complimentary pairs of the new Stride Rite for Disney Wish Light collection for my four-year-old to try. I told her that the new shoes would  arrive in the mail and she told our various delivery people that she was waiting for hew new Disney princess shoes.

When the box arrived, she was so excited and she immediately slipped on her new Disney Wish Light shoes. She also said, "I can't wait to show my friends."  And, she proudly showed everyone else and demonstrated the light up feature that resulted in a lot of "wows"!

If your little one can't decide which Disney princess she likes the best, no problem. Stride Rite has Cinderella, Aurora, Rapunzel, Belle and Ariel.  The heart-shaped princess gem lights up with every step. 

If your kids are more of a Mickey or Minnie Mouse fan, check out the selection of Disney Baby Mickey or Minnie Mouse Soft Motion by Stride Rite.

With so many wonder choices at Stride Rite, your kids will definitely be traveling in style. Check out the Stride Rite website to shop for shoes for kids of all ages.

Friday, June 27, 2014

Win Free Wonder Bread or Buns for Your Summer BBQ

Summer is in full swing and that means barbecues, pool parties and plenty of gathering with family and friends. Summer celebrations usually involve standing over a hot grill waiting for a juicy hamburger and hot dog and the meal would not be complete without a fresh bun from Wonder Bread.

Frugal Mommy of 2 Girls received a complimentary selection of Wonder Bread hamburger buns, hot dog buns and different styles of bread. When the box arrived, I opened it and the girls said, " Look, Wonder Bread" as they immediately recognized the iconic red, blue and yellow logo that we all recognize from our childhood.

The timing was perfect because we were on our way to a graduation party and I knew the the Wonder Bread would be the perfect addition to the barbecue. After we arrived, I put the buns on a plate and did a taste comparison with some of the other moms. We compared the Wonder Bread buns to another brand and Wonder Bread was the unanimous winner!

Frugal Mommy of 2 Girls is giving away a coupon book from Wonder Bread (each coupon is for a free loaf or package of bread or buns). Good luck!

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Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Snack Smarter with SHRED Pop Popcorn

Smart moms are always looking for smart snacks. They have to taste good, serve as a good bridge between meals, and stay under 150 calories. The whole family is always happy to find a yummy new snack and they were thrilled to munch on SHRED Pop Popcorn.

We received complimentary samples of Kettle and White Cheddar for review. First things first: how did they taste. I gathered the girls and we started with White Cheddar. They loved the light cheese flavor and SHRED Pop certainly satisfied their craving for something salty and crunchy. Next, we tried the Kettle and the best word to describe it is AMAZING! The perfect combination of sweet and salty and it is on our "buy it again" list.

Ready for some great news? These guilty-free snacks are only 100 calories a bag. SHRED Pop is made with non-GMO corn and all flavors are gluten-free and has no cholesterol or MSG. Snackers have their choice of Honey BBQ, Sea Salt, Kettle and White Cheddar and all are vegan with the exception on White Cheddar. It is also

SHRED Pop was developed by Dr. Ian Smith, author of the New York Times bestselling diet books, SHRED and Super Shred. Check out the website for to read more about the "Shred Revolution and find out more about Shred Pop.

Thursday, May 29, 2014

Be Skinny Launches in U.S. - Try This New Appetite Suppressant

As swimsuit season approaches, I am on the lookout for ways curb my ever-present appetite. I was intrigued by a new product Be Skinny which contains satiereal saffron extract, an ingredient that Dr. Oz calls a "miracle appetite suppressant."

I received a complimentary pack of two bottles of Be Skinny for the purpose of a review and I was curious to see if it really works -- and how it would taste. The bottle is 2 ounces and has a fat-free pineapple cranberry flavor.

A bit about satiereal saffron: it is a 100% natural appetite suppressant. Rather than speed up your metabolism (and give you the jitters like so many other diet products), By Skinny addresses the psychology of snacking and has been clinically proven to decrease food intake in 100% of the subjects tested. It enhances the body's release of the mood-enhancing chemical, serotonin. Studies also showed a 55% decrease in snacking and 80% of the trial subjects losing weight with the use of up to 176ml of saffron extract daily.

Before trying Be Skinny, I read the directions which stated to take one to two bottles a day at 45 minutes to one hour before meals. I decided to try Be Skinny in the afternoon when I am most prone to snacking. I gave the bottle a good shake and  drank it slowly to see how it tastes. The pineapple-cranberry flavor was tangy and yummy.  Sure enough, it worked! My cravings were dramatically diminished and I didn't obsess about carb-filled snacks like I usually do.

Be Skinny saffron extract is available at Walgreen's and other discount drug stores as well as the Be Skinny Juice website.

Friday, May 9, 2014

Shop at to Get A Free Lela Rose Bag Filled with Samples

We all LOVE shopping for beauty products, right? And we especially love shopping for beauty products when you get an amazing gift with purchase. Check out the lovely product-filled floral clutch by Lela Rose on

This peony floral bag is filled with 18 beauty samples from some of the world's top beauty and skin care  brands such as as Oscar Blandi, Murad, Paula's Choice, Borghese, Urban Decay, Arcona, bareMinerals and more. Plus, the Lela Rose bag itself is the perfect place to store your favorite beauty brands.

The peony bag can be yours for free when you spend $150 or more on the wide array of beauty products and accessories. has all of your favorite brands. I truly enjoy perusing the extensive selection of skin care, make up, fragrance, bath and body, hair care, and accessories. The advice and trends section has some great tips, trends and the videos are super helpful. And remember, is not just for women ... it has a wonderful selection of products for the men in your life (dads and grads!).

Click here to start shopping at and enjoy all of the wonderful samples inside the peony bag by Lela Rose.

Thursday, May 8, 2014

VetIQ - Your One-Stop Shop for Health & Wellness Products

As a mommy of two darling girls, I love to spoil them with treats, but the family member that is most spoiled is our furry boy, Maximus, our big standard poodle. We are always on the look out for products that will keep him happy and healthy and that's where VetIQ comes in.

VetIQ has a great selection of quality medication and supplements for your pets at prices that you afford. We were sent a sample of VetIQ Minties, a mint-flavored dental bone that will help with bad breath, reduce plaque and tartar and help clean teeth. And, in our case, the Mintie bones kept Max occupied all afternoon as he enjoyed chewing and chewing. I didn't tell him that is was good for him! VetIQ offers other great treats for your four-legged friends: Hip and Joint Chews, Vitamin Chews, Skin and Coat Chews; Pill Treats and Breath Chews.

VetIQ also sent Max a sample of VetGuardPlus for Dogs, a vet recommended flea and tick protection formula. We have tried the other flea protection products and were anxious to put this product to the test.We carefully followed the directions and applied the VetGuard Plus and are very pleased with the results. The triple-action formula kills adult fleas and ticks and kills lice and mites for up to four weeks. It also kills flea eggs and larvae for up to four months. Anyone who has ever had to deal with a flea problem knows just how persistent these little predators can be and how unhappy it makes your pet. We liked the prices available for flea protection products on VetIQ. If you have a cat, check out VetGuardPlus for Cats.

If your dog requires prescription medication, check out the medications on VetIQ for treating heartworm and inflammation.

Check the VetIQ website for more information on affordable pet wellness and medication products. It also has a $1 off coupon ... click here for more information.

Disclosure:  The opinions in this article are my own. I do not work for, or with, any brand mentioned in this article, nor do I have any official relationship with them.  I have a relationship with GigaSavvy, for whom I create original editorial content.

Friday, May 2, 2014

Domino's Pizza Launches Specialty Chicken

My family loves Domino's Pizza! We never tire of the great selection of toppings as well as wonderful choices of crusts. We received great news from Domino's Pizza about its launch of a delicious line of Specialty Chicken and an opportunity to sample the boneless chicken breasts in mouth-watering flavors.We couldn't wait to try!

The Specialty Chicken is available in four delicious choices -- Sweet BBQ Bacon, Classic Hot Buffalo, Spicy Jalapeno-Pineapple and Crispy Bacon and Tomato. The new menu item features 12 bites of lightly breaded, 100 percent whole breast white meat chicken. 

We sampled the Sweet BBQ Bacon and Crispy Bacon and Tomato. Both were absolutely delicious. Busy moms know how challenging it is to find dinner options that please the whole family ... not too spicy or not too bland and the Specialty Chicken was enjoyed by all family members.

We also sampled a few of the famous Domino's thin crust pizzas -- the classic cheese and pepperoni and pepperoni/olive/mushroom for my husband.  The Specialty Chicken went perfectly with the pizza and I am so happy that we had leftovers to enjoy the left day.  

The perfect way to try Domino's Pizza new Specialty Chicken is by trying the $5.99 Mix and Match deal where you can order two items for $5.99 each. Check out the Domino's Pizza website and select your favorite items or try something new today.




Monday, April 28, 2014

Treat Mom to a Delicious Snack Box -- Goody Gorilla

Give Moms and special friends a yummy gift by sending a box from Goody Gorilla, a yummy snack subscription box.The snack box is filled with delectable treats, such as granola bars, dried fruit, chocolate, cookies, and candy. Did we mention chocolate!

Each month, the Goody Gorilla snack box is different. The most recent box features a yummy selection of vegan, cheese snack crackers, super fancy bread sticks with tangy currants, a chocolate and coconut treat, fruit chews, white and green tea and more. Goody Gorilla is a ideal gift to send to moms near and far. Goody Gorilla is also a perfect surprise for students studying for finals.

Goody Gorilla is available in three types of subscriptions -- one month for $15, three months for $14 a month and six months for $13 a month.  Take advantage of the special offer of 15% off all new orders. Simply type in MOMMYGORILLA15 at check out.

Go to the Goody Gorilla Facebook page for a sneak peek of next month's snack box. Also, enter to win a Goody Gorilla snack box ... enter the contest today. Good luck!

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Friday, April 18, 2014

Grab A Taste of Nature Bar for Delicious and Low-Calorie Snack

When you hit the snack aisle in the store, there are so many choices. Some good and some bad. Like so many others, I've learned to carefully read the label to see what exactly is in the bar that we often grab and throw in our bag.  I am so glad to have tried Taste of Nature snack bars because they have all of the great qualities that we crave..namely -- they taste great!

Let's start with the ingredients. Every Taste of Nature bar is 100% certified organic and made with non-GMO ingredients. And for those with special dietary needs, the Taste of Nature bars are gluten free and contain no wheat, diary, additives, cholesterol, animal products, or artificial sweeteners. Maybe that is why they taste so amazing, because you are really tasting the natural ingredients, such as the apple-sweetened cranberries (they taste SO much better than the sugar sweetened ones).

I was fortunate to receive samples of Taste of Nature and I enjoyed every single bite. My favorite was the Quebec Cranberry Carnival, which is filled with organic cranberries, nuts and seeds (the seeds make is truly delicious). The California Almond Valley has yummy raisins, almonds and, again, those tasty seeds. Another favorite is the Niagara Apple Country with delectable apples and a hint of cinnamon. The bars I sampled were all under 200 calories (some as low as 150 calories).

Check out the Taste of Nature website to learn more about the company and their numerous products. Taste of Nature is headquartered in Ontario, Canada and is available throughout the US and Canada. Click here to find a store near you

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Spring Fashion Alert from J. Jill: Live-In Chinos

Looking for the perfect pieces to upgrade your spring wardrobe? Check out the live-in chino look at J. Jill.

As we seen in fashion magazines, chinos continue to be an essential part of spring fashion and are ideal for layering. Chinos has a wonderful place in history as well as in our closet. From images of soldiers in khaki uniforms to Hollywood stars (who can forget that iconic image of James Dean wearing chinos in East of Eden), we have all come to know and love the classic look and comfort of chinos. Most J. Jill live-in chinos are designed with a sateen weave for extra smoothness and a peached surface, making them extra soft, comfortable and super stylish -- much more than your standard khaki fabric.

I was pleased to attend a special shopping event at the newly designed J. Jill store in Corte Madera, Calif., and hear first hand from the sales team and stylists about how they love to help women look and feel fabulous in the various live-in chino pieces, including pants, a skirt and a darling skirt dress.  It was fun to try the different tops, sweaters, scarves and accessories that work so well with the comfortable and classic khaki pieces. The store is perfectly designed to make shopping fun and easy without feeling overwhelmed. The J. Jill website also make shopping easy if you can't get to the store.

I fell in love the the Shirttail Denim Jacket that is a wonderful lightweight jacket to throw over a tee and chinos. Complete the look with the Mixed Floral and Paisley Scarf and you are good as you are running around town (and I know you are!). The sales team was so helpful with finding the right fit and I loved the spacious new dressing rooms... and the delicious cupcakes made it even better.

Check out the J.Jill website to view the new arrivals. And, check back here because we will be feature more news from J. Jill and some coupons too to help you look great all spring and summer.

Thursday, January 23, 2014

NeoCell Collagen Products Help You Look and Feel Great

After reading about collagen and hearing from friends about all of the benefits that come with collagen supplements, I was anxious to find the right one.  There are many collagen supplements on the market and I was pleased to receive samples from NeoCell, the #1 collagen brand in the world.  The company specializes in a premium collagen supplement line to suit your individual needs.

NeoCell has six categories as follows: Total Body Health, which has collagen powders, tablets and liquids; Joint Health; Antioxidant Health; Sport Ultimate Recovery Health; Beauty from Within; Ligament, and Tendon and Muscle Health. For the sake of my review, I opted for the Total Body Health and Beauty from Within.
The NeoCell Super Collagen+C Type 1 & 3 provides specific amino acids necessary to replenish the body’s collagen supply helps minimize fine lines and wrinkles. Another great benefit is something that you will never see  -- your bones. NeoCell supports bone matrix and that is something that we all need to watch.  In fact. Dr. Oz recently featured a segment on the relationship between wrinkles and bone density.  That's right!  
I took the collagen tablets three times a day and started to see a difference in my hair and nails after about two weeks. In fact, I received a compliment from a friend today that I have not seen for a month and she noticed how much thicker my hair looked ... and she was right. I also noticed that my muscles and aching joints are bouncing back quicker after a strenuous workout so I am now devoted to NeoCell Super Collagen+C Type 1&3.

I also received a sample of NeoCell Beauty Bursts Soft Chews. They taste great and we all love sweet, chewy treats especially when they provide Collagen Type 1&3 as well as a hyaluronic acid and vitamin C.  These yummy chews were named "Best of Natural Beauty" by Better Nutrition Magazine and  "Best Beauty Supplement"  by Delicious Living Magazine

Check out the full line of NeoCell products on the website to read more. 

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Enter to Win a $25 Gift Card from See's Candies

How sweet it is! Craving a yummy treat from a box of Nuts & Chews? How about a tearing open the gold wrapper for a delicious Mint Crispy? Or a sweet and crunchy Victoria Toffee? Are you more or a Molasses Chips fan?  I said "yes" to all and See's Candies was kind enough to send samples for us to enjoy. Now it is your turn.

Enter today for your chance to win a $25 gift card from See's Candies. You can use it online at or use it at your local See's Candies retailer. Contest end 1/22/2014. Good luck!

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Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Get Visible Improvements with NeriumAD Skin Care Line

I love reading about new skin care lines that use the latest breakthroughs to help fight wrinkles and was pleased to read about the numerous benefits of NeriumAD, an all natural, paraben-free line from Nerium International that is the first and only company on the market to utilize the patented NAE-8 extract from the Nerium oleander plant.

I received a complimentary sample to review of the NeriumAD Age Defying Day Cream as well as the NeriumAD Age Defying Treatment. The set came beautifully packaged and I was anxious to get started using them to see how well they worked on my delicate and not-so-young skin.

After reading the directions, I started with the NeriumAD Age Defying Treatment which was formulated after more than 10 years of scientific research and clinical testing.  It is clinically proven to reduce the appearance of multiple skincare concerns, including fine lines, wrinkles, discoloration, enlarged pores and uneven skin texture.  These are all concerns of mine so I wanted to put the treatment to the test. The results: excellent! I especially loved how my skin looked less blotchy and more even and smooth after using it for just a few days.

Next up: the Nerium AD Age Defying Day Cream.  Busy moms know how hectic things get in the morning and we need to keep it simple when trying to get ourselves and everyone out the door in the morning. After a gentle cleanse in the morning, I applied the day cream and was delighted how my skin responded. It contains four high-functioning  moisturizers and hyaluronic acid which work together to raise moisture levels in skin. I also love the other ingredients: green tea antioxidant, Vitamin C complex and a concentrated tripeptide blend.

There is nothing better than hearing "your skin looks great" and I had so many friends and family notice a difference after using NeriumAD.

Click here to learn more about the NeriumAD line and to purchase NeriumAD Age Defying Treatment ($110) or the set of both the treatment and NeriumAD Age Defying Day Cream ($165).

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Gummies for Grown Ups ... SmartyPants 3-in-1 Vitamins

Did you take your vitamins today ... ALL of your vitamins? It is so easy and even yummy to get all of your important vitamins as well as Omega 3s and vitamin D by chewing some SmartyPants 3-in-1 gummy vitamins for adults (the only one on the marketplace!).

I received a sample from SmartyPants to review and followed the directions to take 6 gummies per day. No problem at all since the gummies were sweet and tangy.  I was pleased to read that the adult gummies are gluten and casein free with no artificial sweeteners or high-fructose corn syrup (all ingredients that should be avoided by adults and children alike). I really like they are a complete multivitamin with an excellent source of eco-friendly omega 3 DHA and EPA as well as vitamin D3. 

My kids were quite curious about Mommy's gummy vitamins.  I had a few with lunch and then some with dinner.  The organic cane sugars gives them a natural sweetness and I loved the tangy flavor as well.

You can read more about SmartyPants adult gummy vitamins on their website to learn more about this highly effective dietary supplement.

Click here to print a $5 off coupon for SmartyPants 3-in-1 gummy vitamins for adults.  After all, why should the kids have all the fun while getting nutrients from gummy vitamins!