Tuesday, August 5, 2008

All You Magazine

I just got my August 29th Issue of All You.

This is a wonderful issue! Here are a sample of some great coupons they have.

Free Oscar Myer Hot Dogs
Free Crystal Light
Free Kraft Cheese
Free Kraft Salad Dressing
(With Purchase of 3 Nabisco, Kraft, or Oscar Myer)
These free items will be helpful on the Kraft rebate listed for JCPennys

Save 3.00 on 2 neutrogena
1.00 peter Pan
1.00 Kids Cuisine
BOGO Nerds
1.00 Kotex
.75 Dole
1.00 Ban
BOGO Rimmel Eye Shadow
1.00 Tyson
1.00 All

These are just a handful of the coupons.
Definitely worth buying magazine.
Only for sale at Wal-Mart.