Tuesday, August 12, 2008

CVS Trip Today :)

Today I went to CVS and it was a great trip thanks for the heads up Jennifer :)

I Bought

3 - CVS After Sun Products Priced 2.39 on sale for .39 (cvs skincare 2.00 off certain ones)

1 - Package of Huggies 8.99

1 - CVS mouth wash

Total $4.20 After coupons

Coupons used

2/10 CVS Coupon

2.49 off mouthwash August Freebie for using my CVS CARD

2.00 CVS Skin Care product

1.00 CVS Sunscreen

1.50 Huggies

One of my favorite sites for cvs goodies


Alexandra Hancock said...

You got some really great stuff for $4.50. :) I got the cvs chapblock for free with my cvs card. I probably wont redeem it though. I've still got a ton of lip gloss left over from my xmas stocking.