Saturday, August 23, 2008

Walgreens 8/24/08 - 8/30/08

Walgreens has some great mail in rebate offers this month. I already mailed mine in :)

Glade Plugins Scented Oil $4.79 Buy One / Get One Free
Rimmel Cosmetics Buy One / Get One Free


$4.00 off Glade Plugins (Sunday Paper awhile back)
BOGO Rimmel Eye Shadow (from All You Mag.) making both items FREE!!!!

Total out of pocket 0.79 +tax

Not bad for 2 Plugins and 2 eye shadows!!!

Thank you Hot Coupon World for posting a Ad Preview!!!!

Have a great Walgreens deal leave a comment and share! :)

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Baby Orr Decor said...

Here is a great deal for one of the Walgreens EasySaver deals.
The jane. makeup is free after rebate. There is a $2 jane. coupon in the All You mag that just came out at Walmart, yesterday. I already did the deal for this month, so I missed out on the money maker, but I hope that most of you can cash in on this one!

Jamie said...

i just went to walgreesn - mine wasn't too friendly. I had a bogo for glades which they wouldn't take. I also used the bogo from all you for the rimmel eye shadow. they took the coupon - but ended up not giving me in store BOGO so i had to go back to get the credit. I also used the .99 coupon from walgreens for trident and then the .75 off coupon from all you or sunday's paper. so i spent .24 on a pack of gum and 2 eye shadows.

Jamie said...

thanks katie! i just p/u the magazine tonight and am going to try it tomorrow! I'll let you know if they take it here.

Baby Orr Decor said...

which walgreens do you go to?
i like the one on the corner of 17/92 and 92. they are really friendly, and have not given me any problems with coupons, or multiple transactions. some of the ladies have been giving me tips on the order of the coupons, to maximize the savings! gotta love that!