Saturday, September 27, 2008

CVS 9/28 - 10/4

What I will be buying this week:

Cover Girl $5.49 - Get $5.49 ECB
Gillette Fusion $9.99 - Get $5.00 ECB
Total $15.48

Gillette Coupon -$4.00
Cover Girl Coupon -$1.00
Total after coupon $10.48 + tax ECB from previous visit to cover
$10.49 ECB earned.

Please notice I am not using any CVS printable coupons.
Also only getting products needed (posted before on unnecessary stockpiling)

Please leave a comment about your CVS trip!


wygirl said...

I see the printable CVS coupons but I am not sure if they're legal so I haven't been using them. Until I know for sure I don't think I'll use them.

I did not get any Cover Girl coupons in my PG insert.
Cover Girl is the brand I use most. I will still get the deals even though I don't have the coupons. :(

I think I'll skip the fuzion. I can get it free at RiteAid after rebate and coupon and we have plenty of razors so I am not going to bother paying $.99 for one

Frugal Mommy said...

I agree about the coupons!
I have decided to stop using the cvs coupon going around. I have used it several times in the past but after reading another post about being ethical it was a eye opener!

MOMMY said...

I have never used the CVS coupons before but have decided not to in the future either. I am doing the same deal that you are doing this week as well as the Coke deal.

We only buy what we will use, and usually just what we need at the moment. I will stockpile if I know it is a product we use often. I am getting the Fusion for my husband's stocking! So far he has 4 free 20oz Coke coupons (free from rewards) and a free razor. Maybe I can get his whole stocking for free!!!

I noticed that you have a ticker for Christmas-a girl after my own hear! I should get one for my blog. I can't wait until the holidays!!!