Wednesday, September 24, 2008

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The Gift Closet
The Gift Closet is a new blogtique where you can get ideas for gifts you can make, purchase gifts, or receive the gift of laughter or inspiration for yourself from one of the daily posts. Win It Wednesdays are the most popular posts because there is always a giveaway going on at The Gift Closet! Make It Monday might be a recipe or a craft or a gift you could make. Tuesday's Tip & Thursday's Thoughts feature funny or inspiring stories or tips for saving money, going green, etc. On Fridays she features a different person each week from artists to SAHM run businesses to jewelry makers, etc. And on Saturdays there are sales! The Gift Closet is run by Heather, a SAHM of 2. She is a church going, food & family loving kind of girl!She also makes Soy Whipped Body Butter, Soy Linen & Body Spray, Scrabble pendants, and Scrabble magnets. She does random giveaways for those items as well as sells them on the "Shop" page of her blog. The Soy products are wonderful for your skin & the Scrabble items are so unique and fun! Hop on over to The Gift Closet and see what's going on today!