Monday, October 6, 2008

Caterpillars Candles - Giveaway Over

Caterpillars Candles donated a yummy candle for a giveaway!

"All of our candles and bath & body creations are hand-crafted using age-old methods and good old-fashioned natural ingredients. At every step, we check the quality of each and every product to ensure you receive only the finest luxuries available."

"Our truly natural products

♥ are biodegradable [soaps, lotions, and candles],

♥ are cruelty free [soaps, lotions, and candles],

♥ are minimally packaged [soaps, lotions, and candles],

♥ do not contain toxic petroleum products [candles and lotions],

♥ do not contain paraben preservatives [soaps and lotions],

♥ do not contain sodium lauryl or laureth sulfates [soaps and lotions],

♥ do not contain antibacterial triclosan [soaps and lotions],

♥ do not contain TEA [soaps and lotions],

♥ contain no other harsh and harmful un-necessary chemicals

♥ contain lots of love and laughter! "

I could not believe when I opened the box how wonderful the candles smelled!

So do you want to win a mulled cider candle?

You need to click and visit Caterpillars Candles then come back and leave a comment and tell me what your favorite candle or scent is! Want another entry? Blog about this giveaway and leave a post that you did and where. Any entry without an e-mail will be deleted! Winner will be picked using Contest will end October 13, 2008 9:00 PM EST --Winner will be emailed on October 14, 2008!

10/13/08 Giveaway Over. Winner is #128 Helen P. :)