Monday, December 1, 2008

Maiden America Giveaway Closed

Tristan from Maiden America is giving 2 lucky readers a $25.00 Gift Certificate!

Here is some information on Maiden America:

"Maiden America hand crafts high quality, patent pending "Non-Slip" Barrettes and women's Limited Edition Handbags.

Maiden America grows thanks to the support of those who seek quality products and genuinely want to find things that are age appropriate for children. We thank each and every person who actively contributes to our success and to improving the quality of childhood, in America!

We are passionate about manufacturing high quality goods right here, in America. We love that we are able to have a higher degree of control over quality by producing locally. And, no matter what one's politics, we believe supporting our economy and our troops is the right thing to do."

I had the opportunity to try some of these great non-slip barrettes on my daughters hair. They stayed in her hair and look so adorable. I received so many compliments! They are also made with such great quality!

How to win-

1. You need to visit Maiden America then come back and leave a comment and tell me what your favorite item is.

2. Visit the "About Us" Page and tell you one thing you learned about Maiden America you didn't expect to learn?

Want another entry? Blog about this giveaway and leave a post that you did and where. You can also subscribe to my blog / be a follower / grab my button for additional entries! Winner will be picked using Contest will end December 8,2008 9:00 PM EST.


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liruco said...

I'm a subscriber.

lrc105 at gmail dot com

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