Sunday, January 18, 2009


1/12 Cold-Eeze - #201 Vicki W (367 comments)
1/13 Sambucol #3 Dina (282 comments)
1/14 Cosmedicine #285 LadyLove & #302 Vickijo82 (653 comments)
1/14 Spoiled Diva #135 Kit (564 comments)
1/15 Laptop Lunches #238 mommyof3crazyboys (695 comments!!)
1/16 ~Waiting on winner to reply
1/17 Warm Biscuit #313 fran76@ (413 comments)

(If you are wondering if you won. Emails have been sent to all winners! And all winners have responded! I do not post winners list until I have received confirmation from all winners!)


Cher said...

I did not want to mess up your giveaway lists as I am also signing up for them, but I love your site and you feature the coolest giveaways!

Anyways, I have awarded you the Lemonade Award! Thanks for the great blog!

Kathryn L said...

You had written, "1/16/09 ~ Waiting on winner to reply."

In case someone's email failed for some reason, can you divulge who it is you're trying to contact? I know we only have so long to reply.

From: ohzhivago(at)yahoo(dot)com

Thanks, and your giveaways are stupendous!!