Thursday, April 23, 2009

Dealfriends $1,000 Giveaway! Closed

Have you heard of DealFriends? Well if you have been reading my blog for awhile you have seen some great giveaways they have offered in the past. Well they are going above and beyond with a $1,000 giveaway to one lucky person!
Just in case you missed it here is our review that we did on DealFriends:

As the economy is getting worse, I am always looking for ways to find great deals. Normally I have a multitude of websites that I go to check out the latest deals, well not any more. I just found this site, called DealFriends. It is a social network that connects you with up to date deals and other shoppers who have similar shopping interests. Best of all, it allows me go to one central place to find all of the deals that I personally am looking for. It highlights specials going on at numerous different stores, both online and in-stores. Plus, it allows you to invite friends to the website to share deals with. You can post deals, and you can rate the deals that are listed. My favorite function of this website is its easy search tools. You can search by store, by retail category or by the ratings other DealFriends give it.

It is easy to navigate through this site. The advantage of this application over so many other deal sites I have used is that it allows you to personalize everything. You choose what type of deals you are looking for or what you are interested in buying and then your homepage is personalized to tell you about just what you are looking for and nothing else! You can even subscribe to certain deals so it will send you reminder emails if you want. That is one of my favorite features!

The site offers so much information it will help you save time and money! And in todays economy we need to save all we can!

So I know you all are wondering how do you get a chance to win?

Prize $1000 cash by PayPal

1 - Sign up for an account at DealFriends! Only new members are eligible!
2 - Leave a comment on this post. Do you like the site? What could they change to make it better? And leave your DealFriends user name.
3 - US Residents Only
4 - Contest closes June 8th


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Becky said...

1 - Username: beckylbranch
2 - I love this site! It's awesome, I am always searching for promo/coupon codes before making online purchases so this makes it a lot easier. So far all the merchants I searched for have been on the site so I can't think of anything to change right now.
3 - Fort Worth,TX

Abigail Hutchinson said...

Wow what an amazing site! I just signed up and I am going to have my mom sign up tomorrow!!!!
My username is: abigailhutch
and I am a fellow Texan w/ Becky commenter #1! Maybe its all Texans online tonight :)
Can't wait to see who wins this one!

Kara said...

That is a pretty cool site, I like sites where I can find lots of great deals. My username is kitkat5505 and I'm a US resident.

LT said...

1. User name: coloradomommy
2. The site looks good! I am looking forward to spending some time on it. I like that they list the topics and I can read what interests me! Thanks for the tip on another great way to save money!
3. I am a US resident. Colorado.


Jara said...

my username is jaramalchow
I'm always searching for coupons or codes before I go shopping, this site has it all in one! Great site!

I'm in Iowa

Holly Rader said...
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Holly Rader said...

My username is helliott. I like this site. I love coupons and deals. It seems pretty user friendly. I don't know if it has any way to regulate if deals are legitimate or correct. That might be a nice feature if they don't have someone check them. I like it though. I am a US resident (Arizona).

Tj and Amy said...

wow. I could really use this. I signed up My username is 1amypugmire. I love all the promos they have and coupons this could help me out alot since my husband doesn't have a job right now. I love all their catagories to choose from as well.

Nightowl Mama said...

My user name is Nightowlmama
I've looked around and from what I can tell that the site is very, very new. Great concept love saving money. One suggestion that I have is on the page where there a list of store names to have the logo of the store or a pic of the name of the store next to it if possible. Reading down the list is ok if you know what your looking for but just a list is hard on the eyes. I'd like to see more pic's. Not sure what the calendar thing is about. I guess it may be helpful. On the search page there are postings of expired deals. If they are expired why would I want to see what I missed out on, its depressing. Thanks for the great site. I'm going to keep my eye out for good deals on things I need.

Sweetpeas said...

I signed up (username Sweetpeas). Interesting concept.

Andrea Proulx said...

My username is: AndProulx

I walked through the site and the deals are pretty cool! The site somehow reminds me of a mixture between Facebook and alot of the forums I've been on. I don't nessecarily think it's a bad thing. Just pointing it out.

cdziuba said...

1 - Sign up for an account at DealFriends! Only new members are eligible! DONE
2 - Leave a comment on this post. Do you like the site? What could they change to make it better? And leave your DealFriends user name.

DEALFRIENDS user name: cdziuba

I like the site somewhat. I find it a little tough to scroll through so many store/site names to find deals. Perhaps the company names in colored bold lettering, or even a little pic of their logo next to the deal would help.

The McDougles said...

Username: craftysweetpea
I love the look of the site. I love being able to find good deals and this website looks like it makes it easier to find them.

wigget said...

1. Do you like the site? nice site, can't wait to save
2. What could they change to make it better? allow for search words
3. DealFriends user name: wigget

$aving with Mamanordy said...

Username mamanordy
I like the site a lot. I can see I will be checking it every day for new deals!!!

Great Giveaway! Thanks!!


Whitney said...

I had never heard of this site. I signed up as whitneyleann.
I always search for deals when I'm going to buy something online and like that I can (hopefull) find a lot of them in one place!
Thanks for hosting this.

Chris said...

I signed up with username chrissybelle.

I love that you can choose what star level of offers to see, this helps to week through all of the so/so offers! NOt sure about changes yet, I think it would take more playing to figure that out.

kissyjensen at gmail dot com

icunursemicki said...

username: icunursemicki
I'm always looking for the best deal
Cleveland, OH

Mcynn said...

1- Username: Mcynn
2- I want to thank you for another great find. I love this site! I would recommend that they liven it up with color though. It would be more attractive to we visual people. I'm always on the lookout for ways to save money. The merchants I've searched for already have been on the site. I'm excited :-)
3- I'm a US resident from Woodstock, Maryland

Shannon said...

You've been "viewed" by Blog View! Hope you'll come by and show us some bloggy-love!

cmp said...

my username is cpryor
I like how you can choose what categories of deals that you want to see and that the coupons all come up at one time. Easy to search!

Erica said...

1.-Username: southernbelle
2.- What a great site. I did not know that such a site existed. I love how everything is broken down so it is easy to find and I do not feel overloaded with information.
3.- Texas

Alexia said...

DealFriends is pretty nifty I signed up (Alexia) and I'm still checking everything out right now. I like how the set up the "save" page. I can search for exactly what kind of deals I'm looking for instead of wading through 50 million other items first - saves time!

The Barnharts said...

my username is blessedbarnharts
the only thing I would change is that I couldn't find if the service was free or if they will ask to charge you for the service. I'm sure it's free but it just didn't say it , I live in ND

nightowl said...

Dealfriends username: intrigue1
I just signed up for Dealfriends.
My user name is: intrigue1
I looked around the site and am quite impressed.
It was easy to find what I was looking for by stores listed by alphabetical order, category, etc.
Lots of nice features such as share, save. I used the search feature and had my results quickly. I look forward to using this site.
I am a US resident.

Jen said...

1 Username: JenSCreative
2 I like the site. Still need to learn more about it.
3 US resident- PA

Creative and Curious Kids!
God's Shining Stars

spitfyr323 said...

Username: spitfyr323

I think this site is great! Who isn't looking for a bargain of any sort these days? Dealfriends can certainly help out there.

spitfyr323 at hotmail dot com

tammy said...

WOW!! what a cool site! I'm shopping for a laptop for my son, and this will be so-o-o helpful!
tammy from NC

Denise said...

Username: momster4de3
I really like the site. It might be easier to navigate if you were able to save your favorite stores and just go to those instead of having to go through the alphabet to find your favorite store. Maybe it was there, but I spent over 1/2 and hour on the site and didn't see it. Also, if they had a search box that might make things quicker. I'm usually in a hurry when looking for deals and that would make it more user friendly. I did find some great deals in my short time there and I will visit it often, when I'm not in a hurry! :-)
revsurfin [at] gmail [dot] com
Evansville Indiana

pam said...

What a great site! I look forward to seeing how it works in terms of using my email address; the online search is wonderful! (I already signed up for a bunch of freebies.)
Michigan resident

Amber said...

I love the site! I just signed up (username: alh83) and I think the site is a great help, because I love shopping online, so I'm constantly searching for discount codes and coupons. Dealfriends seems like a great networking site for talking and sharing with fellow shoppers to help make everyone's online shopping experience a better one. I have used other sites for shoppers such as Ciao, and honestly I wasn't too impressed, but this site is awesome! I love how easy it was to sign up, I love that you can fill out a profile of the items you're looking to buy, and also that you can share deals with everyone! So cool. Thanks!!

shevilkenevil1 at aol dot com

the schros said...

I signed up. this is such a neat concept. Maybe they could add a short video tutorial for new users. my username is mommyjoys. thanks. katelynthames at yahoo dot com

Sasha222 said...

Username is Sasha222
I just signed up for the site but I'm excited to use it. Me and my sister are always looking for great deals and coupons!

Karen P said...

I just signed up.
Username- cooparkes

i like how the deal feed shows you in red if the deals are expired. it is nice to not have to click on each deal to see if it is still current.

cooparkes at gmail dot com

Marla said...

I just registered at Dealfriends. My username: nanatide. I'm excited to start using this site.

Blakesmom said...

Just signed up!
1. Username is: blakesmom
2. Love this site, I can't think of anythingto change at this point!
3. Columbus, OH

Thanks for the great site.

Stephanie said...

I really like the site. The listings of deals by day on the home page is perfect for a quick log in. Then, I was looking for a particular company so very easy to look it up with the ABC's across the top. The only suggestion I have is the daily listings -- would love to see a header with categories grouped so easier to sort through (especially as listings get longer and longer) username - tiffie555
tvollowitz at aol dot com

Trina@Our Crazy Life said...

1. User name: Trina

2. I love the site, it is a little hard to navagate, but I am sure I will get used to it after using it more!

3. Living in Utah

Treasia said...

I signed up and registered under the user name of: TTruckerswife

I love the site. It's great to be able to find deals before actually going shopping at the stores. Everything in one place makes it so much more convenient. I can't see a thing I would change so far.

I live in Marked Tree, Arkansas

Robin and Stephen said...

What a great site! I signed up and my username is RobinF. I think this site could add some pics/store logos! What a great quick way to find deals!

Raena and Seabastian Tellez said...

Username is ell526

It is such a great site because it has everything you are looking for in one place.
I live in Arizona

casey aubut said...

Username- kcaubut
I like that you can search for coupons for online shops! Its brand new to me- so I dont knwo if I would change anything yet!

Red Thread to my Daughter said...

username leeesar. Sounds like a great site.

Andrea said...

Username: andreah

I like this site! What a great way to find deals and save money. I like that you can select the categories of the deals you are interested in and also select which rating of deals you want to see. I will be using this site a lot!

Peggy said...

User name-- Peggy1116
I signed up under you the first time you posted and its a great site . I love that they even post about freebies due to a class action law suit.
Awesome giveaway!!

EmKarl said...

1: Username: Emkarl
2: Of course, I LOVE being able to find bargains. If I could change anything, I would take down expired links. It makes me sad to see what was free or on sale if I can't have it anymore.
3: Oklahoma City, OK


Jami said...

Signed up---jadco123

I love it! I really like how they let you choose the rating of the deals that they send you.

Christie said...

Signed up--user name cw262dh. Sounds awesome, and I like it so far. How fun to have another cool website to check for great deals!

ewalsh said...

I signed up at DealFriends under the user name of ewalsh.

I haven't had the chance to check out a lot of it yet, but the one thing I did like when I signed up was the option of only seeing 5 star items.

Ashley Madsen said...

Username: ashmadsen

This site is so neat! Very accessible and easy to get around! I love all the deals! I'm emailing my sister about this right now!

BrnEyedGal said...


I did enjoy browsing through the deals...but there is a lot more to see!
Im in such need of a place where I can find the best deals and to have it all in one place is great!
US Resident...Michigan

AngelFabs said...

Signed up. Username AngelFabs. Site is very easy to use and I haven't found anything I would change.
I am a US resident.

islabonita said...

Looks like a very nice site, will have to spend more time looking through it. username duranza

bavaria said...

1 - Username: sam1988
2 - it looks like a pretty good site. i have to do more looking around - i love that you can pick by 1-5 stars.
3 - NW Arkansas

thanks for this awesome giveaway!! :)

DG said...

1. Username = Dreamer08
2. I like the site. It's easy to navigate and it offers a lot of different deals. However, I would just make it more attractive with more pictures and fewer descriptions and lists.


christina b. said...

looks pretty cool! my username is starbucksaholic. thanks!

ktanjatk said...

Username - ktanjatk

Excellent site, I'm impressed!
I really like how the site is set-up, concise and easy to navigate.
Can't think of any suggestion for now :)

KV Creative Designs said...

1) Username: KVCreativeDesigns

2) This site looks like it will really help me save more money! I am all about saving the Dough!

Thanks so much!!

3) Alamo, CA

Artful Blessings,

Deb K said...

User Name~Deb55106

Love the site it looks like something that I will use all the time.and it looks like it contains everything that I searched for too!!

Deb K said...

I follow you

Anonymous said...

I like that the site is clean cut. As in not cluttered with advertisements and such. and new updates are right where you log in. Thanks!

Goodies for Mom said...

I signed up. Can't wait to start shopping and using these coupons :) The points system is a little confusing. My user name is "Lois"

Moms Helping Moms said...

User name-Mom2mommy
I just love the site! Can't wait to start using it :) I'm always looking for good deals!
-Terri-PGH PA

kyky0621 said...

I love this site because I am always on the lookout for coupons and codes. I am going to tell everyone I know about this site! my username is kyky0621

Jessica said...

1 - jschmale
2 - I love that they list such great deals, but I also love that they don't send you thousands of emails! THANK YOU DEALFRIENDS!

Sue said...

username - swmickelson
Great site. I love a bargain and I always feel so bummed to buy something and then find out I could have gotten a better deal if I'd looked harder. This looks like a great help for that.
Thanks for sharing~

Jill said...

I'm new to the site so not sure what I would change yet. Need to observe more.

Debb said...

1. debblou
2. I love what I saw so far... I really could use some deals, savings and new coupon codes
3. Central, PA

debbebennett at yahoo dot com

Doreen said...

Hi, I signed up! My Username is luvcontests. Love the site! I'm enjoying the features such as the share, save and search! I think the one thing that I think could be better is removing the expired links when something has expired. Great site! I will be back regulary to check on it! I'm a US Resident--in Maryland! :) Oh and that Paypal prize is DREAMY!! :)purposedrivenlife4you at gmail dot com

~ Cee ~ said...

I have signed up!

1. Username: ceevegnashville

2. I like that they offer a profile for the stores available. I learned more about my favorite stores, such as the fact that Books-a-Million has a secondary distributor online under a different name.

As for what I'd like to change, I haven't seen anything yet. I've just emailed my sister to sign up, because they have deals from Ann Taylor Loft.

I live in Nashville, TN ;)

Sandi said...

username: sandibeek

I love finding out about deals online! It's nice that you can select what topics you want to see, since some interest me more than others.

Kristiem10 said...

I signed up for an account! My username is Kristiem10. The site looks pretty cool. I can't say what I'd change yet as it is new to me. But I look forward to spending more time on it.

nfmgirl said...

I've signed up! My user name is nfmgirl.

Since I just signed up, I haven't had time to dig into it thoroughly yet. Looks like some good deals. Maybe I'm missing it, since I haven't spent a lot of time on it yet, but I would like to be able to sort by category. I'd like to be able to select to look up grocery deals, or pet deals, or something. I'll have to see if that is already a feature that I'm missing.

I am in Florida.

Thank you!

andralorain said...

I signed up! Username is mondayschild. I like the deals listed right when you sign in!

denise said...

Username = qwaszx024
I like how they organize deals by stores AND dates. and they tell you which ones are expired! so you don't have to go clicking every one. great site!

Cheryl said...

My user name is nastassia. I like that you can customize it to get the deals and freebies that you are most interested in. I am a US resident.

mondocane95 at gmail dot com

bleatham said...

username: allysmama
The site looks pretty cool. I am always on the lookout for freebies and good deals!

Thanks...I am a US resident

SheilaBee said...

Just signed up username Sheilabee
Looks like a great site. Dont see anything wrong!

Brad and Hailey said...

I just added myself to the site. Username: haileylyn. I am loving this site. I would like a sort of "basic info" or something page that lets me know all of the tools I can use on the site. Thanks!

Mel said...

Looks like a site i could spend hours browsing on!!
1 - User name MelissaB
2 - I love the site, as soon as I type this I'm going back to find some good deals!!
3 - KY

oona. said...

1. username: oonabaker
2. DealFriends seems like a cool way to find all the latest moneysavers. This will be especially handy for me since we are dealing with a layoff. I would like to see more graphics on their site, it would make it even more fun!
3. US resident in Oregon

Thanks! foxsquirrelrabbit at gmail dot com

Nikki said...

username: hselby

I am always looking for new ways to find coupons and money savers without having to search for hours. It looks like this site might be giving me what I want!

US Resident

Thespa said...

Username - 1gruviscrapper

And this site is soooo cool. I can't believe I hadn't found it before! How awesome is this! Thanks for letting us know about it and for the chance to win $1000 bucks!

torinem said...

Username - tornem
Love the site! We can definitely use all the good deals/ coupons we can find right now!
From FL!


CC said...

1. My user name is: neonfish
2. Cool site! It reminds me of slickdeals.
3. US resident! Great Pacific NW!

amweeks said...

I just signed up (amweeks). I love this site! I especially liked that you could pick what kind of deals you want to see. That way I don't have to look through a bunch of stuff that I don't I don't want or use.

Wanda said...

Great site! Thank you for sharing the wealth! No pun intended really. :)
I love the choices. Wow!

My username? Wanda

auntrene said...

My username is auntrene1
I really like the site. I had just been reading about Dealfriends earlier today and was thinking about joining. This pushed me over the edge and now I belong to Dealfriends.
I like that they let me narrow down my list from their list of choices. I will be going back and checking out the site some more in a bit(kiddos woke up from nap). I haven't seen anything that needs changed on the site so far. It is terrific. Thanks!

Elena said...

1 - Username: Elena
2 - I like the site a lot! Can't think of anything they need to change.
3 - California

MCJunkie said...

My user name is MCJunkie and I am in MI,USA. on their site, and I like it there. I do wish I would see more photos on the site tho. But the deals are great. I added to my favs now so I can get deals when I shop!

Amy said...

Seems pretty cool! I am looking forward to getting my deals!
name: spencersmommy

diannediamon said...

I love coupons and saving, and need all the help I can get! thanks for the great site

tesashel said...

I signed up. I'm tesashel. I love coupons more and more, and feel like I won something when I use them at the grocery store. I'm in Texas.

Noggy said...

1 - Signed up for an account at DealFriends! User ID: Noggy2 - Looks like this could end up being a great site...too soon for me to tell since I just signed up. But I'm always looking for the best buys and freebies, samples or coupons are always on my wish list since every penny saved makes for a better future for my children.

3 - Resident of Portland,OR


intime said...

This is nice, but it would be nicer if they seperated the deals from the freebies, but I do like how it is updated daily

NL6369 said...

Username: eyzofblu63

I have been all over the site looking around, spent quite a bit of time checking it out and customizing it to find the deals I am looking for. So far, I love the site. Looks like I may have a new obsession.

masonsgranny59 said...

I heart the site:) my user name is masonsgranny59 I filled out some forms for some free samples:)ty 4 the awesome giveaway and 4 the entry:)

anny32 said...

always in the market for a great deal thanx, i like it. im not sure if it could be better i need to use it for a while to see whats going on. thanx
username: anny31

courtney88 said...

A new one to add to my favorites!
Thanks for a great site

Verging on 40 said...

I signed up and my user name is klm39. I like the site but it's little cluttered. There is so much information that I got kind of overloaded. It's really nice though.

RueRue said...

Wow! This is a awesome, amazing and a pretty cool site. I am always searching for promo/coupon codes. I like sites where I can find lots of great deals.
DealFriends User Name: RueRue
I am a US resident. Louisisna.

Anonymous said...

1. Username: nanisib
2. Really like your site. I love finding new places to come look for coupons! Such a great save/help
3. from Springfield, OH

LizSawyer said...

My username is LizSawyer. I just signed up and am thrilled with the site! I went for the five star deals on everything! And, I'm from Houston, Texas!

NesieBird said...

I set up a new account; my username is Nesie.

The site is fantastic! I am going to mosey on back over there soon to delve into the deals. I don't have any suggestions for change right now.

Thanks for introducing it to me! We are going to be "friends" for a long, long time.

kneecree at gmail dot com

S Denton said...

I signed up user ID saldridg
I can always welcome new ways to save money
I'm from Austin TX

sarah dot denton at gmail dot com

jennzip said...

I'm a new Dealfriends subscriber ---Username: jennzip

I like that the site is short and simple and you can navigate to sections easily. Not too cluttered.

diesel51 said...

First time here and there is quite a lot to see. Always looking for a great deal and there seems to be quite a few.

She Became A Butterfly said...

signed up - pookielocks

it looks like there are a lot of coupon codes i could use.

pookielocks at ymail dot com

judyv12306 said...

I saw this contest on another site. So I come here. Need to join but where.
I started a blog a long time ago to see if I could figure out what the heck they were. But nope can't figure it out.
Like I come here from a link to frugal mom and not a thing on being frugal. I see a spot that says grab a button. I don't see any buttons. And even if I did see a button where the heck would I put this cyber button.
Lots of add for links that do the same thing grab a button tweet techno etc etc etc. I give up on finding a blog that tells me anything useful.
And you will probably delete this and that's ok. because no matter how many people I ask no one explains this type of thing. (blog)

cccols said...

It looks like a great site. I can't wait to see what deals I can get! ~caseycupcake

Sweeter the berry said...

I like the ease of the site, it has great order and detail, plus I like the deals they have.I will go back soon. The site was slow loading when I tried to search though.It might just be my computer. My username is Letessha. I live in Minnesota, US. Thanks.

happishopr said...

1)Username: happishopr
2)What a great site for finding promo/coupon codes. This place looks like the ultimate one-stop-shop for all of my needs before I hit the online stores. Didn't see anything I'd change.
3) Like Becky and Abigail, I'm from Texas. :D

trinitygsd at yahoo dot com

joannaonthelake said...

1. I just signed up and My username is joannaonthelake

2. I think it is a fantastic site and I am really thrilled to learn about it today. What I liked most is that the user interface is simple, very easy to read and navigate around, and there was absolutely no guessing about where to go because the categories at the top easy spell it out for you.

I liked when I clicked on the Blog Category a separate window opened up. This is great because I may want to post something and also refer to something under let's say Stores and having a fresh window takes one less step out of my having to open a new window on my own manually.

I also liked under the Store Category how it is set up alphabetically and you can just quickly and easily scroll down to find the store you are looking for. And, there are so many of my favorite stores listed on this site that I plan to visit there often now!

It was also really refreshing to find a website that is set up clean and neatly like this one is. Some similar type websites I have visited in the past just overwhelm you with too much useless information on their initial homepage that it just makes me want to run, fast away from there. This site feels open and approachable and that is why I know I will visit there first to find great deals for our family.

I am also thrilled that your website is not inundated with pop up ads and flashing banners. I find that so distracting when I am trying to do research. I think the fact that your website is basic and sticks to the point of what it is set up to do is wonderful. Keep it that way, please!

I am so pleased to be a new member and look forward to visiting often!

llinda29 said...

I quess it is a nice site. Time will tell

Juleemm said...

I just joined. My user name is Juleemm2003. I am always looking for deals. I love this kind of site.

Glenda's World said...

My username is: ladyglenda. I think the site is ok.

Suz said...

I'm stoked about dealfriends. I think it has so much to offer, and I plan to utilize it for promo codes.

txhottie_86 at yahoo dot com

tksinclair said...

1. Username: tksinclair
2. Great site. It's my first time and I love it. I can't think of anything I'd change at this time.
3. Oceanside, CA

tksinclair said...

My address above is incorrect:

It should be:

Sorry for any inconvenience

Charlie said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Charlie said...

DealFriends username: cilution

The site is an interesting concept. Good site design, clean, intuitive. What could be changed to make it better? Run more sweepstakes! :)

Anonymous said...

I like the hotdeals list. It saves time.

My Dealfriends user name is


and my email address is

Bohemian Gypsy said...

I like the idea of the site. One suggestion would be a little more color to brighten it up a bit. Very awesome giveaway. Thank you to Frugal Mommy and DealFriends!

My user name is: bohemiangypsy

Dove420 said...

I liked the site and it's easy to navigate (Dove917)


fostertam said...

I love you layout--it is visually appealing and clearly laid out. I am definitely searching for deals in this ecomony. Can't think of any changes right now but will let you know if I come up with anything.

offthemap13 said...

Username - PinkPandaParade

I like that this combines the idea of networking and merchants. What a great idea!

scarlette10 said...

I signed up. I liked the site and think it is nice to go to one place to see all deals
my username: scarlette10

Wilson Wonders said...

I signed up and think its pretty cool. My username is amwilson

Naomi said...

1. User name: marathonlady
2. The site looks good! I am looking forward to spending some time browsing through it. I like that they list the topics and I can read what interests me! It's great to have another resource to save money!
3. I am a US resident. Maryland.

vibrantfun said...

username vibrantfun

Love the site. Always want a deal or freebie said...

username: susiewie

I liked the site but would like to see more pictures of items, if possible.

jffryclough said...

this is a cool site and i'm sure will be very useful to me in the future.

Michael Kuntz said...

Username: StreetScream
The site is ok but not great. There's no forum and I see nowhere that shows the top/best deals. I like slickdeals a lot better because it actually feels like a community. Also the colors and the theme of the site just look like some plain drupal or joomla template. I don't know, call me a hater, but it could use a lot of work.

Michael.Kuntz[ at ]

Anonymous said...

Oh cool. I can get deal alerts sent to my email inbox. So then I will know when the big sales are.

1) my username is patricjames

2) I live in Florida.

2) my email addy is

thank you

lisagee said...

lisagee is my user name there.
I like the site. I don't see anything I don't like.
It is a great idea they had to make it like a get to know people site and have great deals too.
It is cool!

j said...

A unique site - almost everything at one place , great that your can pick what you are looking for

lisa said...

Done! my username is misslisa1.
I don't know of anything they could do better, i like the way the site is easy to navigate. Perhaps i would suggest putting some color on thier site.

maweisberg said...

i want to win

Anonymous said...

The site is VERY user friendly. I like that since I'm kinda stupid.

I live in Illinois

my username is: jimmyrug

my email address is:

kdkdkd said...

1 - joined username: kdkdkd
2.- I love that they let you select the kind of alert you want and the rating level. The Save feature is cool and unique - I like the design
3. Council Bluffs, IA

bayside99 said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
bayside99 said...

I like the site. It's a great idea, especially in these hard economic times. The only suggestion I have to improve the site is that it looks a bit too much like facebook's interface. Maybe change the color scheme a little bit, but keep the simple design. My DealFriends username is bayside99. Thanks for the giveaway!

Tracy said...

dealfriend as of today! I'm tiglesia. I have sign up ADD so if they could shorten the sign up just a bit I would have given them a 100% awesome rating! Although when I win the $1,000 paypal I will be singing their name from the rooftop of my building REALLY loud! :-)

cl said...

Username: theclynn
I like how many deals the site has already.

klcmaher said...

When I read your description I figured I would be adding another 'go to spot' in my favorites... I didnt realize I would end up deleting my other 'go to spots'. This site is fantastic!
Oh, my username is klcmaher.
Thanks for this great information - even if I dont win the $1000, this will help me save way more than that.

yomomma said...

My username : yomomma
I love the site. I usually use another site to find 'my deals' but I'm thinking this one is much better.
U.S. resident - Arkansas
Thanks for the awesome giveaway!

Sarah H said...

Nice site. It looks useful.user name is sarah5h

BettyKat said...

1. Username: BettyKat
2. I spent some time on today and I really like the site. I've been looking for a netbook and this helped me sort the deals by rating and by category to narrow my search. If I had to give one idea for improvement, I'd say also allow users to narrow by price...might help if, say, you don't want to pay more than $200 for a netbook. In any case, I love the site and appreciate you (frugal mommy) bringing it to the attention of your readers!

Beverley said...

1. Username: bhjustice
2. Great site. So much information!

Pam said...

A good site for deals! Awesome! User name pjm1216

Naddez said...

My username is Naddez.

I love the site. It was easy to navigate through and the sign-up was a breeze.

MaggieM said...

1) Username @ Dealfriends: Smokeysmom
2) I love the idea of the site, and I did narrow down my deals & freebies, but I wish they also allowed you to narrow down by price limit and had an "organical" or "all natural" option for apparel, bath & beauty and cosmetics. Time will tell how well this site will work for me:)

Tracie said...

Wow, I am a big bargin shopper and I loved this new site thank you so much, I love all the deals!!! My new user name is tracen7 . Thanks again!

lulu said...

Just signed up - Username: meowmix333

What a good site I am always looking for promo codes!I think under the store section it might be helpful if there was a short blurb about each one - main specialty. I haven't heard of a lot of those and there are so many!
-in Wisconsin

Anonymous said...

Username; Hewittteam
Really like the site! Always looking for sites that help us save money! thanks a lot! :)
Sacramento, CA

cksknitter said...

I signed up! Username:Chrissyknits
I really like this site. I need to set aside a little time to explore!
Chrissy at knittodayAThotmailDOTcom

Our Family said...

This looks like a great site. I cannot say I'd change anything yet as I don't feel like I've spent enough time on it. I love sites that help me save money. -Natalie

Anonymous said...

Username: heatherrehs

I browsed this site and enjoyed the promo codes for different websites and also liked that you can set up what you receive emails on. As far as changing it goes, I like it and plan on using it so I hope they dont change much!
Heather Rehs
Fairborn, Ohio

sbarnesmomo4 said...

I am now a new member!

My user name is: sbarnesmomo4

(I made it easy so I won't forget, LOL)

sbarnesmomo4 said...

I like the fact that the first page you open to shows you the latest entered deals. It seems easy enough to use and they have great deals!

My user Name is: sbarnesmomo4

I see a bunch of Texan comments. Well, I'm another one joining in the fun!

tinasly said...

liked the site still new to it thanks
user name;tinasly

Rebecca said...

user name: rebeccalynn78

I can't wait to explore the site more.


rebeccalynn78 at

Mommy Tips said...

I've signed up with DealFriends and think this is a great site! I love that we can find so much in one place. My username is MommyTips and I'm from Columbus, Ohio

Callie Ivy said...

My username is callieivy

I'll def be using this site. It's great. I'm getting married soon and am always looking for good deals gifts and decor.

Andrea said...

username- andrea909

I really liked the site. I like how you can personalize everything and do searches. I didn't see anything that I'd change.

jlafount said...

Username: jlafount

Annette said...

Pretty cool! I like how you can choose the deals/freebies by category and rating.

username: funnyjello

Ravzie said...

I am always looking for a great deal!!! Thank you.

Lisa said...

My username is bunkie68. I'm just getting started on the site, so I'm not sure of what all I'll like or dislike yet, but I am always looking for ways to save and this will help. I'm a US resident, also in Texas (the greater D/FW area) like several other commenters.

Courtney said...

User name: Courtney
Knoxville, TN
I like the site because you can find what deal you're looking for in that category.

courtneytarver85 at yahoo dot com

The Stehlik Family said...

Cool, thanks for the referral. Are you giving away 1,000 as well, or is it just deal friends who is holding a contest? My user name is mommy4thomas.

socialwork4kids said...

Just signed up...
Username: socialwork4kids
About the site: I love the option of filtering out deals based on star rating! That's a great feature.
Yes, I'm a US resident!

Shelby said...

I just registered. My username is sassyshopper. I'm always looking for coupon codes and great deals. I wish the site had a rating system of sellers similar to ebay so you know if the person on the other end is legit. That's my one recommendation. I live in New York.

rosannepm said...

I'm signed up and my user name is rosannepm. I think the site could use more color
Rockford, IL USA

Megan said...

I'm a new user: vancy31

I also agree with a lot of the posts already that it could use some more spice with color and they could use more pics to make it easier on the eyes. Also when you open an offer the only thing colored in red was "Vote Expired"
Maybe I'm not understanding what the voting is for, but it kept throwing me off thinking the whole offer had expired. A little clarification on those few things but otherwise, great site!
Thanks, vancy31[at]gmail[dot]com

MonCherie said...

User name: MonCherie

I found this site yesterday and was on it most of the day! Awesome site that streamlines all the other ones that I have saved ...for saving money!
I wouldn't change a thing
USA resident of WI
pattidv at gmail dot com

Michelle said...

I just registered. I just used my first name as my user name (Michelle).
I like that they let you pick which categories interest you, as well as let you choose the rating. I chose only send me 4 star ratings. very cool.
I'm in Massachusetts
thank you,
mpelosi at partners dot org

Kimbert said...

Username: KimbertEyestain

I love that this site condenses all the information that I normally try to hunt down on three or four other websites.

Great sweepstakes.

Finding coupons and online promocodes is my secret to saving money.

I enjoy how easy it is to navigate this site.

Mr. Talkback said...

I signed up!
cool blog, Hope I win the dealfriends sweeps.
1. Username is: sacampbell0181
2. Metro Atlanta, Georgia

DawnS said...

Wow this is a great site! My username is: DawnS

I can't think of anything to change right now. It seems pretty easy to use and understand. Thanks for letting us know about the great site!

lisagee said...

I signed up there -

The site has tons of things to look thru all the way from grocery items to electronics to Ann Taylor Loft Summer Dresses for $40 Each and things you never heard of like
GraveyardMall dot com!
It is a place I'll be checking out more so I don't know what they need to change about it yet.
Looks pretty well rounded to me.

dukier44 {at} livedotcom is the email I used there.

Felicia Eis said...

My username is CollegeSAHM

Thank you so much for letting me know about this site. I hope it helps me save money because hubby and I really need to work on that :P

Jasmine A. said...

username: foxeegal

Love the site I am always on the look out for sales coupons and sales. I think they could do a diferent design for the website make it a little bit more appealing so that people can get more excited about what they are seeing.

Jessilyn82 said...

Username: Jessilyn82
I wish they would make the site easier on the eyes and more intuitive to navigate, it was a little tough to find my way around. I also wish they would have seller ratings. Thanks!

Scoliosis Steve said...

ruppbc/ I would like to see a forums where members could trade/sell unwanted items.

Prpldy said...

I saw some really good deals there. Too bad there are not in my area. Look forward to exploring the site more.

My user name: PRPLDY

US resident in Southern Illinois.

Nikki said...

1- username: nmetolen
2- I agree with the person who said a swap section would be nice.

Anonymous said...

OMG..This site is so cool. Its fast and easy to use. I recommend it to everybody searching for the best deals/coupons. This is the site to bookmark. I wouldn't change a thing you guys rock!!

darlanpaulsmamma said...

I am really wanting to spend some more time on this site - it is really awesome - I think that maybe the only thing that i would change would be if i were surfing the web and stumbled upon this site it is not really eye catching - maybe add a little more to the visual aspects but the contents of the site is awesome

Anonymous said...

I thought the site was great. I liked the fact that you can control the content. I spend far too much time ferreting out deals.

chromiumman said...

i like the site, but would like to see more deals, its a bit spartan yet

username - chromiumman

Beth said...

love the site! love freebies!
wouldn't change a thing.
i'm nutwerks

jaymac said...

Hi loved the site. Kind of quiet there, no activity for a few days, but I saw a few good deals. The site could use some brightening up, its to subdued. Should spice it up like Frugal Mommy.
I used jaymac as my user ID

princesstrollup said...

1. username: flamegrrl16

2. OMGoddess this site is amazing! Thank you frugal mommy:)

I go into some of these places daily and didn’t know about these freebies.

The fixes to the site are fab, but it would be great if the main page with all the offers stayed so you don’t have to push back all the time. Code on with your bad selves!

3. Ventura, CA

guru said...

Username: guruwan2b

guru said...

Oops. Forgot to say I really like the site. I see where they mark the expired deals. That really helps.
I'm in OK

Heidi said...

Thank you so much for telling us about this site, I'm so excited to try it out!
My new username is "pickmeup"
I live in Nashville, TN.

Anonymous said...

username: kittielvr
Great site ... I especially liked the the low cost medication deal and pet products. It would be great to have a category related to other sweepstakes. I love sweepstakes so it would be great to have a category devoted to them!

Fort Collins, CO

VickieB said...

user name VickieB

I think the site has a good start. It has a clean look and loads quickly. I like that it is customizable and that it allows for user input.

CaseyDeuce said...

I just signed up!!
Username: CaseyDeuce

I'm loving loving this site!! Its so clean and easy to navigate!!

Do you know how much that winning this one would save my butt?? And being able to find a great site at the same time, thats like a double win!!

U.S. resident in NY here!!

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