Monday, April 20, 2009

The Old SchoolHouse Review

The Old Schoolhouse has so many e-books available. This is actually my first e-book I have downloaded and let was easy and simple to do.

I am very excited to be able to review The Old Schoolhouse newest E-Book Homework.

As a parent new to home schooling this year I have many questions and sometimes you feel like an outcast and don't know what to do. I get a lot of different views from people I meet. Some are how hard can it be? You stay home and teach your kids. Big Deal! Well it is a big deal and it is hard work and sometimes it is frustrating and somethings it is so rewarding.

I have found this book to be a collage of all emotions. I have laughed and cried reading these other mom's stories. They talk about the ups and downs of working from home some making a ton of money while others struggle to support the family. And how sometimes it can be a smooth adventure while other times its rocky:) I have found I have related to each in a different way.

I really like all the stories these mom share about having a home-based business and homeschool their children. And how they juggle both.

One of my favorite chapters is organization. That is something I have not learned how to do completely this year. I try to get everything done in the house and school work and company reviews and giveaways and sometimes I need more hours in my day. I found this chapter to be helpful and helping me organize and prioritize.

Overall this is a great book. I have found it very encouraging and also made me feel I am not alone in the home school world :) It has wonderful stories of mom's doing it all. Working from home, staying organized, schooling their children. ~This is a must read!

Check it out

Another E-Book I got to review is a Wee-book and all of these books are always $1.95 or less!
Beating the Summertime Blues by Kim Kautzer
Well getting from Easter to summer breaks seems like it takes forever! We have a goal, a goal that will take us to a certain amount of lessons then we end our school year.
It seems like it will take all year :)
So I started reading and this caught my eye!

“I don’t care what the teacher’s guide says—on June 14,
we’re DONE.”
OK now I'm intrigued! :) One of her first topic she talks about is a "Mom Time" Making mom happy and unwinding. After reading this now I have it in print to show hubby. Well all joking aside this can be so important to better nurture you kids and she really hits it well.
She covers so many great and refreshing ideas to do with your kids in the summer to make things fun. But also keeps the learning their. She also coves keeping a routine which I feel is very important. And also keeping a journal for creative writing.
This was great timing for me to read this. It has helped me get some great ideas for an educational summer.