Wednesday, May 20, 2009

RocketLife Review

Are you looking for a company that makes fun photo books? Well look no further. RocketLife has many different themes to choose from when ordering your photo book. From holidays to just plain black (I picked black and it looks great) It is very simple just pick your pictures and they are automatically organized in the photo book. And if you don't like the layout it is just a click away to change everything around.

RocketLife also has T-shirts, Mugs, Note Card, Puzzles, Mouse Pads, Calenders, Coasters, Luggage Tags, Magnets, Mural Tiles & Key Tags!


Christena said...

I had to could the themes too, and there is over 1600 of them. The coolest part is you can add your own digital scrapbooking papers and elements as well! I made a calendar and photo mugs and they turned out great. Best Christmas presents!

Christena said...

Sorry, I meant I had to count the themes...typing too fast again.

Stefani @ said...

They have puzzles you can create from pictures too!

Stefani @ Mommy Enterprises

Kim said...

Great review! I love them so much that I chose them as my partner! You can get a free photo book from my site using the Rocket Life program. for details.