Sunday, June 14, 2009

Polliwalks - Review

We love our Polliwalks! They are perfect for Florida's rainy weather.

We received a pair of shoes from Polliwalks several months ago my daughter loves them so much. I had to go buy her another pair. Which if you are looking to buy them in the store they are sold at Bass Pro Shop in my area or you can find a retailer HERE.

They sent us a pair of pink gator camo's. They were an instant hit again with my 3 year old daughter. We get so many compliments on these shoes! I love them because they are easy for her to put on and when they get really dirty I just rise them off in the sink.

Here is some info on Polliwalks:

"Polliwalks™ was born from the imagination of long time footwear designer and former toy designer, Joel Rusnak. He had the idea that children’s shoes should be fun and offer toy like features that will make wearing shoes a playful experience, while offering support, stability and comfort for little feet. Joel teamed up with his wife, and three of his long time industry colleagues, and together, they created Polliwalks™.

The Polliwalks™ team is dedicated to creating innovative shoes that appeal to the fun side of being a child. We back up our fresh approach to product with years and years of combined industry experience, making shoes that not only offer quality, comfort and function, but are born from a playful inspiration that offers unique styling and features that both kids and parents love.

We are proud of our unique brand and our products and are always looking forward expanding what we do with each season! "

Not only do we just love these shoes. The customer service is always outstanding! Check out Polliwalks HERE!