Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Willow Creek Studio ~ Review

Here is some information from Willow Creek Studio:
"Your clothes have so many memories, whether it be your child's layette, your teenager's sports t-shirts, or your mother's house coats. Don't pack these memories away in the attic, instead, let Willow Creek Studio recycle them into a Memory Blanket that you can cherish forever."

Willow Creek Studio makes some amazing products. I was so excited to get a memory blanket made. Michelle from Willow Creek Studios was wonderful to work with.
This is what I mailed to Willow Creek Studio:
Outfit I took my oldest daughter home from the hospital when she was born, blanket I took my youngest daughter home from hospital when she was born, Easter outfits from both girls, T-shirt my oldest daughter made me for mothers day, wedding slip, hospital gown when daughter was in hospital, Nascar PJ's first time we left our youngest daughter overnight to go watch a race, shirt my husband wore taking our daughter to her first father/daughter dance.

All of these items have a special meaning for our family!

This is what I received in the mail today! It is so beautiful. It brought tears to my eyes looking at all the memories.

I was so impressed with all the detail that was put into making this blanket. Everything is perfect. Thank you Willow Creek Studio.


Terri said...

Your Memory Blanket is beautiful! I too have saved many precious items that I hope one day to find, no TAKE the time to make one too or I know about Willow Creek Studio to do it instead. Thanks for sharing!

Peggy said...

I love the Memory Blanket,it gorgeous and I would love to have one of the adult blankets,thats neayt
I also like the Stroller Blanket in the Amelia Paisley

Kristine St Clair said...

Oh wow, that is pretty and so setimental. Thanks for the review. I will have to keep them in mind, I have countless t-shirts I have saved from my husband's different units and old BDU, DCU and ACU uniforms, maybe they could make a sweet military quilt for me.

Carol L. said...

I love these type of things. How wonderful to have so many memories in one place.Willow Creek did an awesome job for you.
Carol L.

Ann said...

A couple of months ago I had won a GC for Willow Creek studio and I got a memory blanket made as Abby was our last. I LOVE my blanket, not just cause it's really pretty but cause it means so much to me!
Doesn't Willow Creek Studio do an amazing job?

Jenny said...

Wow! That is really neat.