Wednesday, September 16, 2009


I want to introduce to you a company I just learned about called Essentia. Here is some information about them from their website.

Based in Montreal, Essentia was founded in 2006 by Jack Dell Accio. A privately owned company, it took 3 years of intensive Research and Development financed by parent company, Verstile Inc, to develop the technical features and manufacturing processes used in the fabrication of this unique line of natural memory foam mattresses and pillows.

Essentia uses cutting-edge technology and organic materials to manufacture and market healthy, eco-friendly bedding products that offer outstanding comfort and quality without compromise.

The Essentia Characteristics
The beauty of each Essentia mattress lies in its meticulous handcrafting of every piece and use of the finest raw materials in their construction. Essentia offers one of the highest quality mattresses on today's market.

Built for Comfort:
Interactive Foam sleep systems from Essentia are designed so that each layer of foam and latex within the mattress work together harmoniously to create a unified surface that interacts intrinsically with the human body ensuring the best possible sleep surface.

Engineered for Purity:
Every element of the Essentia collection was specifically engineered and designed for our line of deluxe mattresses and pillows - from the latex and natural memory foam interior to the ultra-soft fabric cover.

Inspection Program:
The Essentia Inspection Program is a quality managed system ensuring that customers receive the highest quality sleep products. Each step of production is closely monitored by a qualified technician. All Essentia sleep products are manufactured in Canada.

Essentia has some fabulous mattress and support pillows. All made with natural memory foam.
Designed to be the healthy alternative to conventional memory foams, our petroleum-free foam was developed in-house and is the only natural memory foam manufactured in the world.
Similar to natural latex foam, our natural memory foam is also made from rubber tree sap but organic essential oils, plant extracts and water are added into the foam composition to give it a memory foam like feel.
Essentia's patented natural memory foam has all the benefits of memory foam without the toxic ingredients.