Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Avon - ANEW Reversalist Review

I was so happy to have Avon contact me about ANEW Reversalist products. My daughter is turning 10 tomorrow so I am feeling a little sad and old :) And the best cure for me when I am feeling this way is to pamper myself......yippie!
I started using ANEW Reversalist a few days ago. I am lovin' the way my skin is feeling. I have been using it day and night.
Avon has the combo on sale for $59.00 a $76.00 value.
Here is some information from Avons site:
"To optimize the effectiveness of the Activinol Technology, we teamed up and formulated the Renewal Serum and Night Renewal Cream to work in tandem. We have created a true power couple - the extremely lightweight serum and the moisturizing night cream - and when used together, the benefits of REVERSALIST are maximized." -- Dr. Glen Anderson, Ph.D., Director of Global Skin Care Development at Avon Products, Inc. and Dr. Uma Santhanam, Ph.D, Senior Manager of Cell Biology and In-Vitro Testing at Avon Products, Inc.


mary's blog said...

I use it a lot it's great for your skin.