Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Kaskey Kids

I had the opportunity to review Kaskey Kids Baseball Guys. It has everything you need to create a baseball game including a baseball diamond! My girls had a blast playing with this. I like the fact they had to use their imagination and create their own game!

Here is some information from their website:

As a mother of four sports-loving children, Christy saw that her children and their friends were happiest and most enthusiastic when sports were involved. Playing in the park, in the backyard or at the beach kept everyone active and occupied, but when playtime was brought inside, none of the traditional toys held the Kaskey Kids' interest.

Christy took a look back at her own childhood for some inspiration and could vividly remember her two brothers engaging in hours of imaginary play with simple action figures like Army Men, Super Heroes and Cowboys and Indians. After a few years with her house filling up with every bucket or bag of action figures, animals or cars, Christy realized that a simple box of sports action figures could be the key.

Check them out for your little sports fan this holiday season!