Tuesday, June 15, 2010

CSN www.cookware.com upcoming review!!!!

CSN Stores has over 200 online stores where you can find almost anything you need whether it be a sofa or a suitcase, a crib or a cookie sheet!

I am very excited about an upcoming review from http://www.cookware.com/! This is what I will be reviewing Pfaltzgraff Everyday Tuscan Rooster 16 Piece Dinnerware Set.

List Price:$72.00
You Save:$25.05 (35%)
Sale Price:$46.95

I am very happy with the sale price. I have to order two sets so I have enough and I will also get free shipping!

I am very excited about this I am in desperate need of some new dinnerware! CSN stores have never let me down they are outstanding to order from!


gama said...

beautiful shape, ...

elegant ..

and interesting ..

lfhpueblo said...

Wow. I wish I had the money to get that set of dinner ware. It would go perfectly with my home style. I love Rooster's.

Chris Wooten said...

have you reviewed from them before or is this the first time. I was contacted and told i could recieve too and would get a $50 gift certificate for their stores.

Just wondering if you have been doing business with them for some time or your first time and if you got your items yet.


The Nurse Mommy said...

Chris- I have worked with them before- its legit.

Karen!! Hi!! How are things. Are you all moved into the new place? We are still fighting the drywall fight, but I just wanted to touch base and see how you are doing now? Its been a while.

I will also be review the CSN again, love them...may have to check out the cookware one. Things are getting pretty scarce here!