Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Finding the right pair of glasses.

Purchasing a pair of eyeglasses can be a big decision. If you are anything like me it takes hours! I have such a hard time making a decision. Trying to figure out what compliments me and what will go with what I wear, but still wanting to look hip.

When I go into an eyeglass shop I always feel pressured. Why? Because it takes me forever to pick out something then I change my mind about a thousand time. I really love that you can order prescription glasses online now. I love being able to take my time and look at everything without being rushed.

While doing some research on how to pick out the perfect pair of glasses this is what I learned: Choosing the right pair of glasses can make you look gorgeous, while a wrong one could simply result into the opposite. Different materials provide different looks, certain materials are better for some uses than others. If you have thick lenses, plastic frames may be for you since they tend to be thicker and work better to hide the thickness of your lenses. Shape is also an important aspect of the glasses you will choose. Different frame shapes suit different face shapes better than others.

So many choices to pick out the perfect prescription eyeglasses: hair color, style, eye color, face shape, material of frame! For me it will be a little bit of everything (still want to look hip) plus comfort and durability. I have found some great glasses online.

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