Sunday, January 23, 2011

Queen Bee Appliques ~ Disney Feature

Queen Bee Appliques has so many cute appliques to choose from. I received the Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse ones. They are so easy to apply and best of all these cute ones are priced at only $3.00!

Queen Bee Appliques has everything from Elmos to Owls and all are priced great!

Here is some information from Queen Bee Appliques site:

Queen Bee Appliques are iron on patches that can embellish a tshirt, onesies, aprons, stockings, quilts, a tote bag and more! It's as easy peasy as 1-2-3! NO SEWING REQUIRED!! Very simple instructions come with each applique that you order, and of course I am here to answer any questions you have to help you with your next crafty project!

All of Queen Bee Appliques are created with high quality fabrics and can be ironed on just about anything cotton. They are made with NO SEW Quality Ultra Bond Adhesive so NO SEWING IS REQUIRED. If requested, LITE adhesive can be used if you are going to sew the applique :).

Check them out for some cute appliques!