Thursday, January 6, 2011

Too Cute Creations ~ Disney Feature

Too Cute Creations specializes in children's jewelry and she does an amazing job!
We received personalized Minnie bracelets for both of my girls and they came out fantastic! Too Cute Creations has bracelets and earrings to choose from. And best of all these adorable personalized Minnie bracelets sell for only $3.25!!!

My girls love their new bracelets. My youngest thinks its the coolest thing to have her name on it. Which it perfect because we have been trying to teach her how to spell it. lol!
So if you are looking for something special for you little one. Check out Too Cute Creations! Her prices are amazing and her bracelets are adorable.


Jackie said...

These are adorable!!

cheekychann said...

these braclets are so daughter would love this.i subscribe email.

Anonymous said...

What's the website called?