Thursday, February 3, 2011

Bunk Beds: What’s not to like?

We parents love spending as much time with our kids as possible. But that doesn’t mean we couldn’t use a timeout ourselves now and then. That is why a child’s bedroom is something most parents put a lot of thought into. By creating an environment that beacons to a child and that is conducive to leisurely activities and playtime, parents can cunningly find more time to sneak out for a good book and a bubble bath without having to ask for it.

The heart of any bedroom is of course the bed – hence the room’s title. When choosing a bed, it’s sometimes easy to get a little wide-eyed and bushytailed. We have to think about safety, space, aesthetics and comfort. Not to mention budgeting, assembly and all the other details that go into making the right decision.

Don’t fret parents! Looking for a bed doesn’t have to turn into a part-time job if you play your cards right. The key is to prioritize your limiting factors, and to work your way up from there. For starters, if you can hit two birds with one stone by investing in a bunk bed, why wouldn’t you? Bunk beds conserve space, leave less head room for your little monkeys to jump on the bed and create an atmosphere that draws children in. Let’s face it, if a child can sleep in a space that they can just as readily turn into a fort with a few sheets and close pins, they’ll probably be just as happy with the purchase as you are.

Whether you already have two kids that share a room or are looking to add to the gaggle in the future, investing in a bunk bed now will save you time and money later. Most bunk beds can function as stand alone single beds until the day comes when the top bunk is needed. Or on the flip side, you can often loft the top bunk and leave the entire floor for playing. The choice is yours depending on, again, your limiting factors.

Even if the room is large, space is something most kids can’t get enough of. Beyond freeing up floor space, bunk beds are often multifunctional and can have built in storage spaces, dressers, desks or toy chests. The logic follows that three birds with one stone are better than two; so who wouldn’t like saving money on other furniture pieces wherever one can? If space isn’t your concern and aesthetics are your biggest worry, wooden bunk beds are always a great investment.

Wood adds warmth to a room, especially with all the varnishes and finishes a parent has to choose from. Consider this beautiful bed, for instance. Sometimes more is less and something quaint and simple may do just the trick. Getting a little creative with space and aesthetics doesn’t have to be mutually exclusive, either. This bunk bed in particular screams “Kids Welcome!” Not only would this bed fit nicely into the corner of any room, but it provides a living space reminiscent of a tree house, office and bedroom all in one. Just watch your kids go to work on macaroni pictures and finger-paintings when they have a space they can call all their own!

With the bed in place, the rest of the room should naturally fall into place. Between the bed, walls and flooring, you’ll have your color scheme nailed down, making accessorizing a no-brainer. You might even feel inclined to point your kids in the right direction and let them choose their bedding, stuffed animals and pillows. This last point is crucial, because the more a child feels like they “own” their room, the more time they will spend in it and the more time you will have to catch up on your reading!