Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Elf Magic ~ Review Holiday Gift Guide!

Have you heard of Elf Magic? Well its a wonderful tradition to start with your family.
We plan on writing our letter to request our mischievous elf on
Thanksgiving night. Below is some of our adventures last year and how
"Elf-E" arrived in our home. Please check back to see what our
little elf has done and how my youngest has reacted :)

(This is our review from last year)

I was so excited to be asked to review Elf magic!
So I asked my girls to write a letter to Santa asking him to
send one of his special elves. When Elf Magic arrived
I wanted this to be a fun adventure for my girls. So after
they feel asleep Elf Magic arrived in their hallway
with a book and DVD and the elf house! The girls woke
up so excited when they saw her. I had my oldest daughter
read the book to her sister then watch the DVD to see
what it is all about.

So now we have a new addition to our
family and a great new holiday tradition. They named
their Elf Magic Elf-E! So Elf-E embark on Elfcapades every night when they are sleeping.
So far we found Elf-E in our Christmas tree, watching TV
with the remote that has been missing for the past 2 days,
in the freezer on top of the waffle box and in the bread box!
The girls are just loving this.
Its a new adventure every morning!


Minta's Creations said...

Love the elf magic review. your daughter is adorable. Just became a new follower. Would love a follow back.