Friday, October 26, 2012

Atelier PALL

 If you are looking for some beautiful leather accessories check out Atelier PALL.  They have an amazing selection of leather items.    One item that really caught my eye is the leather Iphone case.

Here is some information about it:

The iPhone Leather Sleeve is an iPhone Leather Case designed and handcrafted from natural waxed leather. Hand sewn and edged polished, each unique iPhone leather pouch complements an authentic apparel and a strong personality. The natural texture and scent of the leather sleeve will leave a memorable impression.
  • hand cut from one piece of brown tan leather
  • hand stitched using strong nylon thread melted between the sheets
  • edge is hand polished and buffed using bees wax and tree raisins
  • will age beautifully and mold to the shape of your phone

The iPhone Leather Sleeve is handcrafted from a single piece of brown tan leather, one that wild mold to the shape of your phone and will age beautifully as you wear it.

Material: brown tan leather
Size: 3" × 5" × .14"

"Founded in 1955 by Anton Pal, our small leather workshop has come a long way since the traditional wooden nails and the old shoemaking techniques. Years have proved to be a journey that profoundly changed our lives and the lives of our customers. Sailing back in time we now understand the value of craftsmanship and the importance of love for everything we do. Because it always starts in our hearts, trying to fulfill a need that becomes a product - handmade from leather with great precision. The scent of leather, the texture of a beautiful aged product are the hallmarks of our identity and they follow us generation by generation as time binds innovation with tradition."


Tammy S said...

This is such a nice case. I love how unique the items are. Great Christmas gifts!

Ryan Goldfire said...

Great Christmas gifts for a decent budget. I love the unique stitching!