Thursday, October 18, 2012

Bc Creative Designs

Bc Creative Designs creates these amazing Colorado Aspen wood designs.  They carry coasters, gift tags, pencil holders and Christmas ornaments. 

Here is some information for Bc Creative Designs on how these beautiful coaster are created:
A little slice of Colorado--Aspen coaster, hand cut, hand polished and sealed.
No tree says Colorado like our beautiful quaking aspens.

     All of the wood used is cut from native aspen that has already died of natural causes, be it overcrowding, insects, drought, or wind. No live trees are cut.

     Let me describe how I make every coaster to bring out each one's unique natural character.
Each set has a unique design that would look great on your counter or coffee table. I hand select the raw stock to find the most interesting pieces. I start off by cutting each log into equal sized sections for the coasters, and then I sand them very good, and put a light coat of natural wood stain on them. I then sand them once more by hand with very fine sandpaper, and apply a clear coat to protect them against water and give them a beautiful gloss. I give them one final sanding and clear coat them once again. I then place felt pads on the back to protect furniture.They are then ready for your home.
There are different variations of the coasters. Some of them will have knots in the wood and give them a teardrop shape and some are more round with unique designs in the center.
These coasters retail for only $17.  They would be perfect for someone on your holiday gift this year.  But dont forget the ornament above retails for $5!


LAMusing said...

I love these!! Very unique.

J. Cutshaw said...

I love these, I like the fact that certain states only have specific type trees. We have a lot of red Cedar trees here in Tennessee and I work with wood on lots projects in my workshop. Will spread the word about Bc Creative designs, these would make great gifts for the holidays too. Thanks for sharing

Thomas Murphy said...

I love there coasters.