Friday, October 5, 2012


CoCoMias has some amazing jewelry from bracelets to leather necklaces to some beautiful art items.  One of my favorite items in her shop are these bracelets.  I love the look of dressing up an outfit with the right kind of jewelry.  And these are a perfect addition to a fall outfit.  All of her bracelets are now marked down 40% off original price
CoCoMias is offering Frugal Mommy readers 15% off.  Just use code frugalmommy15.

Here is some information from CoCoMias:
Each bracelet is unique right down to the exact size, shape and color. They are all sanded by hand so some are a bit taller than others and may not be perfectly level as they would be if they were "made in china" but handmade is just that....handmade. : )

No two will ever be the same color. I make one bracelet at a time and mix only the colors needed for that bracelet. I couldn't duplicate them if i tried!


LStewart said...

Love, Love, Love this!

Anonymous said...

these are amazing any in them KayMI