Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Collar Topia

Collar Topia specialized in small dog collars and harnesses.  They have a beautiful selection of holiday and everyday attire for your small dog or cat.  Best of all their prices are amazing!  Collars average around $6 and harnesses average $15.

Here is some information Collar Topia:
Collar Topia is your pet supplies store for one of a kind small dog harnesses,, small dog collars and adorable collars for cats.

It all started because I got bored and since I have 5 cats and two dogs and you put that with the fact that I love sewing, this was a perfect idea. I love them all to death but the regular collars and dog harnesses at pet stores are just boring and not so easy to get on so I decided to make my own small dog harnesses but who wants to pay designer prices....not me and you won't either! I have been sewing and crafting for 20+ years. My daughters are all grown now so my pets are now my kids to have fun with!