Thursday, October 4, 2012

Designing Creations

What is better then walking up to your door and seeing this beautiful wreath?  Well a wreath that smells like chocolate or pumpkin spice!   What a warm and inviting feeling you will have.  These wreaths are just so beautiful.  I love the primitive look.  Perfect for the Fall.  Check out Designing Creations and see all they offer.

Here is some information from Designing Creations:
I have always loved being creative in whatever I do. Through this, has come my DESIGNING CREATIONS SHOP, of which I love every minute of creating, designing and bringing my creations to life.

I also LOVE SCENTS!...SO, along came my Delicious Long-Lasting Scents...I put the Beauty of my Wreaths together with my Luscious Scents, and I created a Unique Product...SCENTED WREATHS!

I try to create ideas that are unique and unusual. I started my creations as gifts, and soon my innovations turned into DESIGNING CREATIONS! A lot of time and effort goes into each one of my designs, and I know that you will enjoy displaying them in your home! 


cheryl c said...

simple, yet beautiful!

Anonymous said...

I love this idea- your home would smell yummy before anyone even steps foot inside! :)

Anonymous said...

this is beautiful Money is so tight right now I miss buying seasonal things...very nice KayMI