Thursday, October 18, 2012

Ijitsa Jewelry


If you are looking for leather and hemp jewelry check out Ijitsa.  They have an amazing selection of handmade jewelry.  One of my favorite bracelets is the black twisted hemp bracelet with resin beads.  Priced great at only $9.99.  They also have a large selection of hemp necklaces as well.  Check them out! You will not be disappointed.  Great selection and great prices.

Here is some information from Ijitsa:

What does Ijitsa mean?

Ijitsa is just the last letter of Early Cyrillic Alphabet. See more here. Why did you pick this name you ask? Because it sounds cool!

Who are you guys anyway?

A Graphic Designer and Software Engineer built "Ijitsa" for you. We are just a young, passionate and really patient couple that likes making all this stuff and providing great customer service. We've started on eBay early 2007 and expanded into late in 2007. You can see all of our feedbacks there: