Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Imaginary Acres

If you are look for a great toy this holiday season check out Imaginary Acres.  They have a fun selection of handmade dolls.  All with their very own personality!  They retail for $35.
Deeter gets a little nervous sometimes and finds that a hug from a friend makes him feel much better. When he’s not hugging he is drawing and painting pictures. He has an art studio where friends and neighbors can come and create together. He also plays a mean saxophone!

Favorite things: green crayons, spinach, jazz, watching movies

Each plush doll measures approximately 18”
Materials: soft anti-pill fleece, cotton and felt


Olly loves toys and never leaves home without his favorite action figure, Super Nanner, tucked away in his backpack.
He runs the best school in the clouds with his twin sister Molly, where he loves playing games and teaching the little ones their ABCs.

Favorite things: sharing, comic books, lasagna, math

Here is some information from Imaginary Acres:
Look up at the sky and what do you see? A giraffe, a rainbow or a hot cup of tea? If you look closely you’ll find a secret world for the young at heart, where clouds have cloudhouses and raindrops are pure art. Imaginary Acres is this wonderful place, where imagination and love puts a smile on your face. Just use your mind, your eyes and of course, your heart and the clouds in the sky will fill your life with art.


Allison said...

oh my goodness, these are adorable!

Jessica said...

these are really cute and creative...a fun, different gift that I'm sure all kids would love!

Anonymous said...

Love these!