Friday, October 5, 2012

Kelly's Creative Designs

Kelly's Creative Designs has a beautiful assortment of hand stamped jewelry.  I selected a few of my favorite pieces to showcase. 
One piece I truly like is the teach-love-inspire necklace.  This would make a perfect gift for your child's teacher.  (or if you homeschool like me it could be your daily pick me up every time you look at it) :)

I also really like the look of the Nana necklace.  Its just such a fun style with the little stick people. Defiantly a great present for the upcoming holiday season!
Kelly Creative Designs has so many designs to choose from.  Everything from mom necklaces to sport/school necklaces.  Prices are reasonable as well!


Toystory said...

Now this is something that appeals to me. I would love to have my "family" and their birthstones on a necklace!