Monday, October 8, 2012


VickieDumas has an amazing selection of decorative ceramic bowls, plates, jars and vases.  Each piece of art is truly beautiful and unique.  One of my favorite pieces on her site is ceramic pottery dish below.  It would make a wonderful addition to my dinning room table!
Here is some information from VickieDumas:

I graduated with a BFA from the Kansa City Art Institute majoring in painting and printmaking. I painted for many year's and then found the wonderful world of clay. For the last 11 years I have chosen to work only with this medium.

 I so enjoy working with clay and using a mixture of carving, drawing and painting in my designs.
My pieces are all handbuilt, and very detailed. Each piece is a original design and carefully thought out.

I try to convey an emotional quality in all that I do whether it is through literal subjects or texture and color. All my art is inspired by a spiritual place within and they are all truly from my heart.


Thomas Murphy said...

This are some beautiful bowls, I want one!

Dawn said...

This are some beautiful bowls, I want one!