Wednesday, October 31, 2012


Zaum has a beautiful assortment of handmade items from passport wallets to messenger bags.  One of my favorite items is the Eco Carina EC8 coin purse.  I just love the colors.  Priced at $35 this would make a cute holiday gift! 
Here is some information from Zaum:
As Kruchenykh has it, zaum is a transrational language, "wild, flaming, explosive, wild paradise, fiery languages, blazing coal, which awakens creative imagination from the manacles of everyday speech. " Zaum "can provide a universal poetic language, born organically, and not artificially like Esperanto.]

Zaum is a small creative laboratory that specializes in organic handmade bags for men and women. Every item is created by hand in our studio, never factory manufactured or mass produced. In each of our designs we create a combination of retro ideals, modern style, and unusual shapes, provoking everyone to be unique and reveal themselves.
Everything you will find at Zaum is one of a kind, professionally crafted and never replicated. All items are made from their own exclusive designs. Our materials are always cruelty free, using no animal products, and in 2009 we introduced a line of 100% organic cotton bags. We think of ourselves as a multi-faceted resource of young and inventive products for home, travel, and going out with style.