Friday, November 2, 2012

Aingeelz Jewelry and Accessories

If you are looking for beautiful jewelry check out Aingeelz Jewelry and Accessories.  They have some gorgeous pieces!  The above piece is my favorite in their shop. 
Crystal Quartz Wire Wrapped Necklace. 14k gold-filled wire, wrapped around a Natural Crystal.

They also carry a beautiful line of handbags, belts, bows and shoes!

Here is some information about their shop:
Designer and stylist Aingeel Talley, of Aingeel Z. Jewelry and Accessories fashions one-of-a-kind couture signature pieces. Aingeel’s designs are inspired by her appreciation and relationship with the essence of materials, both rare and an abundant. Most of her pieces incorporate natural stones including Agate, Amethyst, Labradorite, Onyx, and Quartz, in addition to lustrous metals such as gold and silver. She has fallen in love with leathers of varying textures. Employing a variety of techniques, her designs integrate organic shapes and clean lines. Aingeel combines smooth surfaces with hard lines. These textures result in jewelry that makes subtle, yet bold statements. Aingeel’s innovative creations are timeless and unique. Her attention to detail and dedication to her craftswoman ship are evident in all her designs.

Born in Arizona and raised in Southern California, Aingeel Z. developed her keen sense of creativity at a young age. Her childhood exposure the arts and her Grandmother’s eclectic eye left a lasting imprint, which she never outgrew. Being reared in close proximity the world famous beaches and mountains, Aingeel was constantly provided with the opportunity to witness nature at its most profound: eternal sunshine, luscious landscapes, the unpredictability of the ocean contrasted with jagged textures of the coastline. These themes consistently reappear and emerge in her work.

Aingeel has dedicated a lifetime to refining her always evolving jewelry skill-sets and every ounce of her being to cultivate an exclusive brand that is at once recognizable yet distinct. She received her formal education at the renowned Fashion Institute of Technology in New York, earning an AAS degree in Jewelry Design and a BFA, with a focus on Accessories Design. Aingeel Z. resides in Brooklyn, NY, which is also her creative base. It is where she expresses yet another of her one of her many talents: as a stylist at an upscale New York City Salon.



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