Sunday, November 4, 2012

Atlantis Fine Jewels

If you are looking for some beautiful jewelry for this holiday season.  Check out Atlantis Fine Jewels.  They have a amazing selection of jewelry.  One piece that caught my eye is the Roman Art Designer Jewelry by Omer 24k Solid Gold.

Everything is so beautiful!  You will not be disappointed.

In response to popular demand, we have begun to design 24k gold vermeil handmade pieces under a new category called "24K Gold Vermeil ( 24K Gold Over 925k Sterling Silver)" in addition to our solid 24k gold collection. We hope this will suit your needs as this collection has been requested by many of our loyal customers.
This collection is also completely handmade and one of a kind, bringing you the fine craftsmanship we are known for at a more affordable price than our pure gold collection. All designs are also available upon request in sterling silver color(.925) & 24k Solid Gold.

Here is some information from Atlantis Fine Jewels:
My wife and I, carry out our production and designing of Roman and Anatolian ancient style fine jewelry in our studio/workshop in Bodrum, Turkey.

All our jewelry are unique, one of a kind and totally hand made pieces. Unlike most of today's goldsmiths, we do not under any circumstances, use serial stones, casting and molting, together with modern techniques in our designs and productions. The raw materials we use are either 22K or 24K gold and Sterling Silver 925.
In contrast to today's fast automated machine made jewelry, our aim and ambitions are to keep alive the ancient goldsmithing techniques and methods passed down upon us over the centuries by our grandfathers.

Please Note: Because I always use unique stones in my designs, there may be slight variation in the stones you receive from the one pictured (such as free form pearls,rough gem stones /unique patterns on stones etc) Design will be the same but because these are natural stones each may be a little different. Buyers can be sure they will receive a unique custom design.


Mónica Casas Errázuriz said...

I will be going to Turkey soon. Where are you located. Please give me your address.