Wednesday, November 14, 2012

BFF Jewelry

BFF Jewelry carries a beautiful assortment of heart friendship necklaces, mizpah coin pendant sets, rhinestone cocktail rings, colorful bangles, pretty charm bracelets, fashionable upper arm bracelets, big gold tone & silver tone hoops & long pierced dangle bead earrings!
I would like to feature a few items from their shop.  First is the BFF Best Friends Forever Broken Coin Charm Bangle Bracelet Set.
This bracelet set is perfect for you and your BFF! The bracelets are plated in silver and each features a half of a broken "Best Friends" coin. This fabulous design is from Ky & Co and comes in two sizes a regular and a small.
This would make a perfect holiday gift this year for your bestie!

Another item I would like to feature is the Pendant Key To My Heart Sweetheart Necklace.  What a beautiful couples necklace set! This was made 100% in the USA. The beautiful script writing says, "He who holds the key can unlock my heart." Comes with two necklaces- one with a heart pendant and one with a key pendant.
Here is some information from their shop:
BFF Jewelry is the trendy fashionable costume jewelry arm of AJ Raefields. BFF is the store the staff at AJ Raefields created to highlight and list fun, up-to-the minute, and affordable jewelry. AJR is a multi-channel ecommerce retailer selling men's and ladies' jewelry as well as watch bands and parts. A pioneer in online sales, the company has been actively selling online since 2001 and has served hundreds of thousands of customers across the globe.
AJR maintains its own warehouse in Kensington, CT, and has a dedicated team of professionals standing by to speed your order to your door. We utilize automated systems, bar code scanners and an error reduction methodology to help minimize mistakes and speed order processing. We package items with care, keeping customer satisfaction in mind.
We also take pride in handling customer service contact in person. Our knowledgeable and pleasant customer service representatives are standing by to help you find the right product, size and shipping method to meet your needs and to answer any other questions you may have. We encourage you to use the "Ask a Question" link at the bottom of each listing.


Karen Che said...

I love how unique the Pendant Key to My Heart Sweetheart necklace is. This store seems like a great place to order gifts for the holidays.