Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Idit Stern

Idit Stern has an amazing selection of necklaces, earring bracelets and rings.  Everything in her shop is just absolutely beautiful.  But their was a few items that really caught my eye.  Idit Stern Black Heart Earrings (above) on sale right nor for only $34!  Also,  Idit Stern Falling Hearts Necklace (below) its just such a beautiful piece.  Retails for $42.50.   Check out all their beautiful jewelry!

Here is some information from their shop:
Idit Stern is a jewelry designer from Israel. Married, mother of three and holding an MA in Political Science, Idit has chosen to leave the academic life in favour of fulfilling her dream of becoming a full time designer.

Idit is inspired by everything around her, starting from the changing seasons, nature and also the materials she is working with.

Idit has a small yet elegantly designed shop in the center of Israel, where she is transforming metlas, crystals, leather, swede, lace and pearls into wonderful pieces of jewelry. Idits' designs are suitable for women of all ages, as well as blushing brides, and young girls.