Monday, November 19, 2012

Twysted Yarn

Twysted Yarn offers fashionable and trendy cold weather women's accessories and apparel including scarves, cowls, boot cuffs, fingerless gloves, hats, and headbands. 

After browsing their store I found 2 favorite must-have items this holiday season.  The first is Boot cuffs

Boot cuffs might possibly be the hottest accessory of the season. It only takes a few minutes of browsing Pinterest before you find countless pins featuring boot cuffs. Different than my "Straight Up Cuffs", this pair is crafted with beautiful puffed stitching and with enough length to stay tucked into your boot and still cover 2-4" above the boot, depending on your preference. Wear them over your favorite pair of leggings or jeggings or over bare legs w/ a skirt or dress to add a little extra flair and flavor to your outfit. Also a perfect holiday gift or stocking stuffer!

The second must-have items is Crocheted fingerless glovesMade with beautiful puff stitching, fingerless gloves provide both function and fashion. Perfect to keep you warm but finger/thumb free for ease of texting, phone and camera use.

Twysted Yard has a beautiful selection of hand-made crocheted accessories.  Check them out for your holiday shopping.


christigpa said...

I love these!!!

Pamela S Keller said...

These are adorable! Love them!

lilpinksocks said...

Really beautiful. I love those fingerless gloves. My favorite though is the Crocheted Scarflette in kelly green.