Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Wynsome Creations

I came across Wynsome Creations while browsing online one day.  They have these adorable Polymer Clay PenGuin Kisses.  I just fell in love.  They carry Christmas ones that can be personalized.  These would make a great holiday gift or decoration!

One of my favorite is the RAWR Edition -
That Kinda Day Collection
Guin Pengington

"Having a bad day and can't express yourself quite as boldly as you would like? Well, then why not let Guin do it for you! Hey, he might even just turn your frown upside down, while he's hollering out your frustrations!"

Here is some information on how they got started:

PenGuin Kisses started on October 23rd, 2007. It all started because I bought some clay to make my own polymer clay beads. I had been fiddling with making jewellery (just beading, I'm not a metal-worker - yet;)) since 2005 and really wanted to start trying to make my own beads. Well, I sat there playing with the clay and watching television with my husband (who actually helped me come up with the name ;)) and before I knew it, I was holding a penguin with a glittering red Santa hat and a candy cane. Guin wasn't as refined looking then, as he is now though *laughs* But that was that. I was hooked, PenGuin Kisses was born and still have yet to make a single bead!"



Rebecca Shockley said...

I love these, I checked out the site and I really liked the fortune teller penguin. I love different and unique thing's like this!