Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Personalized Jewelry on the Fly

Personalized Jewelry on the Fly has a beautiful assortment of personalized jewelry.  I have picked out a few items that would make perfect gifts.

One of the first items I would like to showcase Stainless Steel Nana Pendant with Personalized Birthstone. This would make a wonderful mother's day gift for a Nana.  Personalized with your grandchild's birthstone adds a perfect touch.  18" chain.  Retails for only $24.99 and has free shipping. 

 Another great item from Personalized Jewelry on the Fly is the Best Friends BFF Pendants in Stainless Steel.  This would be perfect for your BFF's birthday.  Comes with two 18" chains.  And retails for $24.99 with free shipping.  My daughter and her bestie fell in love with this necklace.

Here are your choices of birthstones.  When ordering please specify your birthstone to expedite your order.
Check out their Ebay store they have a beautiful selection of men's and women's jewelry!

Here is some information about their shop:

“I want to make something that has meaning. Otherwise, why make anything at all.”

Roman Shamalov, Co-Founder, Naomi & Co.

We cannot always hold our loved ones close and we cannot always find the words to say what we mean, but we can present them with a gift, a token of our true heart that they can always hold close and wrap their memories around each time they wear it.

Naomi & Co.’s modern designs combined with your deeply personal touch will create a treasure that carries your warmest memories, desires, wishes and hopes to the important people in your life. With each ring, bracelet and necklace, made from the finest silver and stainless steel, you can choose the stones that say what you want to say: for your wife a pendant with the birthstones of your children, for your mother a necklace that connects just you and her, for your husband an anniversary ring, for your best friend a bracelet with a stone for every year you have shared, for your daughter a necklace with her precious birthstone, or for yourself a ring that glitters and shines with your favorite gems.

Roman Shamalov and Ari Tenenbaum founded Naomi & Co. in 2012 based on both of their decades in the jewelry business and a desire to create stunning, affordable, heirlooms for a lifetime. Roman’s father, Sam Shamalov, was a watchmaker in Russia. He brought his family to New York in the 1980’s and has run a successful jewelry business for the last twenty years. Roman grew up helping his parents in the business and taking in every detail. Today, Roman is a successful business owner in his own right and a devoted family man.

Ari Tenenbaum is a veteran of the jewelery business. He brings to Naomi & Co. over forty years of experience and expertise. But perhaps, even more importantly, Ari has a great passion for the moment when he is able to wed a customer with exactly the piece they have been looking for.

Naomi & Co. is dedicated to your shopping experience, let your imagination go, and create the designs that speak to you. Each order is costume made for you.