Friday, March 15, 2013

Berdies Bloomers

Berdies Bloomers has a wonderful selection of wreaths that she creates by hand.  They are just exquisite!  These would make a perfect addition to your doorway this Easter and all year round.  Berdies Bloomers is very detailed in creating her designs so you know you are purchasing an outstanding product!  I have picked out some wreaths to feature that I thought were beatiful1

This is designed on a grapevine wreath form and I have added greenery, hot pink and black polka dotted gerberas, pink and blue filler flower, matching bow, a pink that says Happy Mother's Day.  This wreath measures about 18 x 18 inches.

  This is designed on a grapevine wreath form and I have added different kinds of greenery, aqua blue gerbera daisies, aubergine colored dogwood blooms, lavender daisies, tiny ivory colored daisies, seeded eucalytus, ivy, I Love My Mom Pick in the center, a bow and a scalloped heart which I made from hot glue.  Just a little something a little different.  This measures about 22 x 22 inches. If you like this and would like to display on front door, but it has I love my Mom on it, just purchase a tiny flower of your choice and glue it in the center.

   This is designed on a small grapevine type wreath form and I have added different kinds of greenery, twigs, light burgundy wildflower, deep purple wildflowers, blue filler, pink filler, lavender wildflowers, yellow mums,  I also added a little more red filler flower and a little more greenery just today, bumble bee, ladybug birdhouse, made of a resin type material and a ladybug.  I also added moss all around the wreath form before I placed my flowers on the wreath. This measures about 22 inches long and about 17 inches across with the twigs.