Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Log Cabin Primitives ~ Easter Feature

I came across Log Cabin Primitives while looking for some Easter items.  They have an amazing selection of primitive home decor!  I found some beautiful quilts in her shop and some really neat vintage items.  But with Easter in 2 1/2 weeks I wanted to showcase some of her Easter items.

This is a very unique Easter Rabbit.  It is a large Easter Bunny wrapped in shipping paper, sitting on top of a Easter Egg Pedestal.  It is so cute, 14" tall and the paper is marked "Easter Greetings" and there is a sweet Easter message on it and is postal stamped everywhere it has been.  He is sitting on a large, hand painted Easter Egg and it looks like it is made out of ceramic or plaster. He is new, but has a very primitive appearance.   He is so cute and will be sure to make a fabulous display in your home this Easter.

This is an adorable Bottle Brush Easter Egg Tree decorated with Pastel Color Easter Eggs.  The Easter Eggs have sparkles/glitter on them and the branches are snow capped. This cute tree is app. 9-1/2" tall.   It has an Egg W/Ribbon on top. It is new, but looks vintage.   It is so cute and will be a great addition to your Easter Home Decor.

This is so cute - it's an Easter Bunny holding a Purple Easter Egg, wrapped in foil, making it look like a Chocolate Candy Piece. It is 7-1/4" tall. It is a great Easter Decoration. I don't know what it is made out of, I'm guessing resin, or plaster underneath all that foil. It is new, but looks vintage.