Thursday, March 14, 2013

T's Beads Charms and Accessories

T's Beads Charms and Accessories has an amazing selection of jewelry.  Which would make a perfect Mother's Day gift or an accessory to your Easter outfit.  I have found so many things I love at their Ebay store.  But I wanted to showcase my top items I found.  T's Beads Chars and Accessories also have great prices and great ratings!

The Silver Plated Charm Bracelet Marked 925 Measures 8” and includes all of the following

6 Hand Blown Glass Beads with Silver Core
4 Glass Beads without Core
4 Tibetan Silver Spacer Beads with Pink Crystal
4 Tibetan Silver Spacer Beads

1 Two Sided Silver Plated Heart Charm with Filigree Detail Embossed on Both Sides attached to a Stopper Clip Charm Holder.

The Safety Stopper Clip is Designed to Secure Beads on the Bracelet and can be Relocated if Desired

The Gorgeous Hand Blown Glass Beads Crafted with Silver Cores in a Variety of Floral Designs, Blown Glass Beads without Cores, Tibetan Silver Spacer Beads with and without Crystal Embellishments has been carefully selected from my Own Generous Inventory offered in my Store and Prudently Designed on an 8” European Marked 925 Silver Bracelet and Shipped in a Gift Box.
Retail $27.96

European Silver Mother Bead Charm for Charm Bracelet Mothers Day Gift

All Beads and Charms have an minimum of 4.8mm Hole Opening which is standard for well known Brand Name European Style Jewelry

The Beads and Charms I offer are compatible with all the European Jewelry I offer, ABC SLIDE (NOT GLAM) and most Popular Brand Name European Slide Story Telling Jewelry. They are Silver Tone, Silver Tone with Enamel as well as Silver Tone with Crystals. My Glass and Polymer Clay Beads are crafted with silver cores unless marked otherwise.

Retail $2.65

Nautical Braided Rope Bracelet Royal Blue Silver Tone Anchor Connector

Royal Blue Braided Cord with a **CCB Acrylic Silver Tone Anchor Connector Bracelet
color : Silver Tone 8" Long

**CCB stands for Copper Coated Bead - they're acrylic beads / charms / fixtures coated with a thin layer of copper-based metal to give them a metallic finish.

Retail $9.49