Monday, April 22, 2013

The Blessing Stone ~ Mother's Day Gift Guide

The Blessing Stone has a beautiful selection of hand stamped jewelry.  I love the uniqueness of all their pieces.  And they have very reasonable prices.  Here is some information from their shop and a few pieces to showcase.
Welcome to The Blessing Stone where you will find lovingly made hand stamped metal and stone jewelry. I typically use copper, brass and silver as the metals of choice. In addition to the pieces already listed in my shop I create custom crafted and one of a kind pieces as well. Please contact me with any customization you would like on your piece including the type of stone used in your piece. Pieces in the shop are ready to purchase and come with a chain.

I started with the simple, precious pearl. So beautiful! My favorite. It is believed that stones have a power to bring many attributes to the wearer. I will eventually have a list of stones I am using and the attributes of each stone. You choose the stone and I create a piece specifically for you or you can purchase one of my already made pieces.

All pieces come with a polishing cloth to keep your precious piece shiny and bright.
Live Out Loud from The Blessing Stone Shop is a sweet little treasure to remind us to live each day to the fullest as we never know what tomorrow will bring. A tiny brass daisy rests on a sterling silver background. Copper hand stamped disc is 1 inch in diameter suspended under a genuine pearl- the gemstone of purity. Awesome for a mother's day gift!
A soldered little treasure made from copper, silver and brass with a Jasper stone as your blessing. It is 1" in diameter and comes on a corded chain to add to the earthiness of the piece.
So smooth and a delight to rub between your fingers.
Hand stamped copper rectangle with marbled sodalite stone and silver butterfly charm. Light as a butterfly's wing. Beautiful and charming. A wonderful Mother's Day gift. She will love them! 1 1/2 inch long. A tiny treasure. Fabulous silver loops.
To the sea we go. one and a half inch diameter pendant necklace made from copper, brass, and a genuine pearl with seahorse charm. Summer fun necklace sure to get attention from admirers.