Friday, August 9, 2013

Funkins Add a Bit of Fun to Your Kid's Lunchbox

Looking for a great way to put a little fun in your child's lunch box and reduce lunch time waste? Check out Funkins

Funkins are bright, reusable cloth napkins made especially for kids. Funkins are a great addition for lunch boxes for kids of all ages and are perfect for meal and snack time at home.

Funkins sent us some samples and it put these high-quality cloth napkins to the test.  I packed lunch boxes for the girls for a summer picnic and added the stylish Funkins. They loved the bright patterns and I loved the fact that we are reducing our waste and teaching the kids to reuse cloth napkins rather than create more waste.  

Many schools have waste-free lunch programs and we are ready to support our school's effort by having our kids use their stylish cloth napkins each day.

We found another great use for the Funkins -- it was the perfect napkin to hold the ice pack when someone gets an owie.   Funkins are made of 100% high-quality cotton fabric, made with low impact dyes and are lead and phthalate free. Check out the Funkins website to check out the super fun patterns and themes and order yours today to get in time for the first day of school.