Friday, August 16, 2013

RDA-12 Provides Proper Nutrition for Entire Family

We all want is best for our families -- healthy and tasty meals that are easy and quick to prepare.  Great idea but hard to pull off day in and day out.  To make sure that you are getting everything you need to look and feel your best, maybe you should try RDA-12, an all-natural, whole-food concentrate with all of the benefits of nutrition from whole fruits and vegetables.

Addison Field, the creator of RDA-12, sent us a sample RDA-12 Powder.  A few shakes are a convenient way to get your RDA (recommended dietary allowance) each day to meet approximately 100% of your RDAs for 12 essential vitamins. All that is needed is less than 1/4 teaspoon and you use it in a variety of ways. I tried several, including sprinkling some in my oatmeal, added some to my warm tea and added a sprinkle to a fruit smoothie. RDA-12 is also available in capsule form. 

Unlike synthetic vitamins, RDA-12 is rich in micronutrients derived solely from whole fruits and vegetables.  After using RDA-12 for a few weeks, I feel better knowing that I am getting the nutrients that are so hard to get on a daily basis. So many other supplements contain synthetic chemicals and RDA-12 is a 100% all-natural extract of 12 whole fruits and vegetables including skins, stalks and peels.

The RDA-12 website has a information on the importance of plant-based nutrition and you can see the different options available for purchase.