Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Siggi's Squeezable Yogurt Tubes -- Less Sugar + More Protein = Delicious

In our household, everyone loves yogurt, but the kids tend to prefer the yogurt that is full of the artificial sweeteners and color rather than the healthier options (no high fructose corn syrup).  I was delighted when siggi's asked if we would review its new line of squeezable yogurt tubes and they sent a sample box of strawberry, blueberry and raspberry.

First, a bit about siggi's, an Icelandic style skyr yogurt. I enjoyed reading the story about siggi's beginnings in New York and the recipes he brought from Iceland and how the company is growing popularity throughout the nation.  The company offers 14 different kinds of skyr yogurt (Icelandic strained yogurt), four flavors of filmjolk (Swedish-style drinkable yogurt), three flavors in a probiotic non-fat drinkable yogurt, and the squeezable tubes that are an ideal healthy snack for any lunchbox, breakfast or snack on the go.

Each squeezable yogurt tube has five ingredients or less and has 6 grams of sugar or less, which is up to 40% less sugar than the leading yogurt tube.  So, how did they taste?  All of us grabbed a tube and tasted the yogurt and we all agreed that we loved the thick, creamy texture and the natural taste.  The fruit flavors tasted natural and not artificial.  Just as we finished our tube, my youngest said, "Mom, can I have another?"

Visit the siggi's website to read more about skyr yogurt and you can buy siggi's.