Friday, October 4, 2013

Treat Your Skin to Kiehl's Super Multi-Corrective Cream

Like so many, I have been a long-time devotee of Kiehl's.  My shower is filled with wonderful smelling bath gels, shampoos and scrubs.  I love the super gentle baby products and I even got my husband hooked on the shaving products. So when the folks at Kiehl's asked if I would review the new Super Multi-Corrective Cream, I knew that I was in for real treat.

We all want great looking skin, right? Kiehl's took a multi-functional approach in creating its newest anti-aging moisturizing.  It corrects the most visible signs of aging, firms and smooths the skin and refines texture for a healthy, natural radiance. 

Summer was tough on my skin so I knew that the Super Multi-Corrective Cream really had its work cut out.  I started with a gentle cleanser and then applied the Kiehl's cream.  It is paraben free and fragrance free and good for sensitive skin.  The folks at Kiehl's said that I should see a change in two weeks and they were right ... I saw a dramatic change in just a few days!  My skin's texture was definitely improved and more firm and felt much more hydrated throughout the day. Like many with sensitive skin, I can sometimes look blotchy and uneven and I was pleased to see how well the Super Multi-Corrective Cream balanced my skin tone.

I read about the ingredients in the cream which are very effective in targeting aging skin. The Jasmonic Acid helps correct wrinkles, fine lines, loss of suppleness and elasticity.  The Beech Tree extract help improve skins overall firmness and the Fragmented Hyaluronic Acid is a power booster, discovered to enhance Jasmonic Acid’s efficacy, super charging the improvement in skin elasticity and smoothness.

To learn more about Kiehls Super Multi-Corrective Cream ($62), visit the Kiehl's website.