Friday, April 18, 2014

Grab A Taste of Nature Bar for Delicious and Low-Calorie Snack

When you hit the snack aisle in the store, there are so many choices. Some good and some bad. Like so many others, I've learned to carefully read the label to see what exactly is in the bar that we often grab and throw in our bag.  I am so glad to have tried Taste of Nature snack bars because they have all of the great qualities that we crave..namely -- they taste great!

Let's start with the ingredients. Every Taste of Nature bar is 100% certified organic and made with non-GMO ingredients. And for those with special dietary needs, the Taste of Nature bars are gluten free and contain no wheat, diary, additives, cholesterol, animal products, or artificial sweeteners. Maybe that is why they taste so amazing, because you are really tasting the natural ingredients, such as the apple-sweetened cranberries (they taste SO much better than the sugar sweetened ones).

I was fortunate to receive samples of Taste of Nature and I enjoyed every single bite. My favorite was the Quebec Cranberry Carnival, which is filled with organic cranberries, nuts and seeds (the seeds make is truly delicious). The California Almond Valley has yummy raisins, almonds and, again, those tasty seeds. Another favorite is the Niagara Apple Country with delectable apples and a hint of cinnamon. The bars I sampled were all under 200 calories (some as low as 150 calories).

Check out the Taste of Nature website to learn more about the company and their numerous products. Taste of Nature is headquartered in Ontario, Canada and is available throughout the US and Canada. Click here to find a store near you


Mar said...

Would love to try them!