Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Coco-Roons and KettlePop Are Lunch Box Favorites

Now that we are past "back-to-school" mania, what is working in the lunch boxes? Moms have had a chance to see what is working and what is not (and by not, I mean what comes home uneaten at the end of the day.

My girls have found two lunch box favorites: Coco-Roons and KettlePOP!

The Frugal Mommy of 2 Girls taste testing team (ages 10 and 4) was thrilled to get review samples from the folks at Wonderfully Raw, the company who makes Coco-Roons as well as a host of other delicious treats.  Coco-Roons are available in a bunch of taste-tempting choices, including Almond Strawberry PBJ,  Brownie, Apple Pie, Lemon Pie, Almond Strawberry, Vanilla Maple and Cacao Nib. We started with the Almond Strawberry PBJ and enjoyed every morsel of this yummy treat made with organic, raw almond butter instead of peanuts and organic strawberries. The girls loved that is was just the right amount of sweet and chewy too. Next we tried the Coco-Roon Brownie and we all agreed that it was just the right amount of chocolate. All of the Coco-Roons by Wonderfully Raw are certified organic, gluten-free, non-dairy and non-GMO. They get their natural sweetness from organic maple syrup and dried unsweetened coconut. You can find them at Whole Foods, Costco Stores or health food retailers near you. Or, you can order  directly from the Coco-Roon website by clicking here.

Next up, the taste testers went to work on sampling KettlePOP in two flavors: Kettle Corn and Sea Salt KettlePOP. First of all, some great news about KettlePOP -- the company uses organic and non-GMO corn. They work closely with farmers to ensure that only the highest quality corn goes into each bag. And, it infuses, never sprays, the popcorn with preservative-free flavorings (and you will definitely taste the difference!) and it hand-pops each kernel to perfection. And another awesome feature: zip top bags lock in the freshness if you don't eat it all at once.

The Sea Salt KettlePOP had just the right amount of salt, was thoroughly satisfying and happily devoured by the taste testing team. The girls also sampled the Kettle Corn which we all agreed was better than the kettle corn at our farmer's market. It had the perfect pairing of sweet and salt and stayed fresh and crunchy when we re-opened the bag a few days later. Besides Sea Salt and Kettle Corn, KettlePOP is also available in these flavors: cheese; caramel; kettle corn chocolate drizzles;  and caramel chocolate drizzles. You can order KettlePOP online or check the website to find a retailer near you.